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Alumni Track Session – Creating the Professional Self


Each summer, Fielding alumni travel from all over the globe to attend Summer Session. This year, in Rosemont, IL, the annual Alumni Track offers a series of workshops presented by alumni for the entire Fielding community including a featured panel on the topic of professional development. Participants will be provided exclusive insight into the professional paths of several prominent Fielding graduates. The session will begin with a panel discussion where attendees will hear firsthand how alumni went about defining their professional goals and the dynamics behind achieving them. Then, participants will have an opportunity to engage with the panelists to learn more [...]

Alumni Track Session – Creating the Professional Self2018-04-27T16:10:22-07:00

Dangerous Intersections: In-Between, In Crisis, In Overload


Can you remember a time when…? Something had ended, but the next thing hadn’t begun. You were outside the safe space of something familiar and you weren’t sure what was going to happen next. You were at a watershed moment. A lot depended on your decision. Things would be very different after. The situation mattered to you. Emotional content was high. Your response was a critical success factor. You knew you needed to take action, and small differences in your response could make a big difference in the outcome. Too much was happening too fast. Too much information was coming at you. [...]

Dangerous Intersections: In-Between, In Crisis, In Overload2018-04-09T09:44:47-07:00

2018 Libby Douvan Alumni Award Winners Announced


Alumni Ann L. Clancy (HOD ’96) and Jacqueline Binkert (HOD ’95) Named As Recipients The Libby Douvan Alumni Award is a scholarship given to a Fielding Human and Organizational Development (HOD) graduate who is engaged in post-doctoral work that reflects original thinking and is in keeping with the spirit of Libby Douvan’s scholarship, which emphasized fun, alternate ways of knowing, and how our view of the world makes a difference. Elizabeth “Libby” Douvan was a beloved HOD faculty member for 19 years. A feminist scholar, she served on 131 dissertation committees, co-facilitated the Michigan cluster of HOD and psychology students, and [...]

2018 Libby Douvan Alumni Award Winners Announced2017-12-21T13:13:21-08:00

Clinical Psychology Alumni Summer Series – Wrap Up 2017


Fielding alumni kick off summer in Washington, D.C. To kick off this year's annual Fielding Summer Sessions, the Office of Alumni Relations worked with the Chesapeake cluster, local alumni, and the Office of Sponsored Programs and Special Projects to host a special event focused on interdisciplinary natures of research development at Fielding. Speaking to a packed room of alumni, students, faculty, and prospective students, at the Fielding office in Washington, D.C., President Rogers provided a high-level overview of Fielding’s goals around research development and approach to increase the visibility and reputation of the University nationwide. She shared how leadership development around diversity and [...]

Clinical Psychology Alumni Summer Series – Wrap Up 20172017-07-26T15:20:09-07:00

Re-Imagining our Public Space: Questioning with Humanness and Generosity


CMM Institute Alumni Presentation Thursday, July 13, 2017 SLS Summer Session  in Tucson, AZ The CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution is hosting a Fielding community conversation about asking our “big questions” in ways that communicate an openness to connecting around our shared humanity and desire for community. PRESENTERS: Kimberly Pearce, MA                      President, The CMM Institute Jan Elliott, PhD                              HOD, 1997 Ilene Wasserman, PhD                     HOD, 2004 Romi Boucher, PhD                          HOD, 2014 Barton Buechner, PhD                    HOD, 2014 This session will explore how our questions determine what gets our attention, what gets made and what we talk about. Given what [...]

Re-Imagining our Public Space: Questioning with Humanness and Generosity2017-04-19T10:04:37-07:00

The Dance of Synchronicity and Unexpected Meaning


Alumni Spotlight- Cynthia Cavalli, PhD (HOD 2014) The comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell, in the Power of Myth interview series, recalls a fascinating idea put forward by German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. He says, “… when you reach an advanced age and look back over your lifetime, it can seem to have had a consistent order and plan, as though composed by some novelist. Events that when they occurred had seemed accidental and of little moment turn out to have been indispensable factors in the composition of a consistent plot. So who composed that plot? Schopenhauer suggests that just as your dreams are [...]

The Dance of Synchronicity and Unexpected Meaning2017-01-05T12:27:51-08:00

Making Organizations Meaningful to Young Adults with ADHD


Fielding alumna Barbara A. Mather, PhD, MA, MBA, presented her qualitative research study at the International Academy of Management and Business (IAMB), an international academic conference at the University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada. Dr. Mather’s research presentation was titled: Making Organizations Meaningful to Young Adults with ADHD, Qualitative Exploratory Research Design. The qualitative research study results of 13 young adults with ADHD across the USA demonstrated four broad categories of workplace issues for which young adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may find challenging. Additionally, unintended findings were discovered after the initial research question was answered, and further analyses were conducted. [...]

Making Organizations Meaningful to Young Adults with ADHD2016-10-04T10:43:39-07:00

Sustainable Incomes for Indigenous Weaving Communities


by alumnus Michael M Gonzalez, EdD (ELC 2014) Postcolonial societies face the daunting task of improving the quality of life of its constituents whose culture has been re-engineered to benefit colonial rule. T'boli B.Fong weaving abaca fiber textile When the Philippines experienced 300 years of Spanish rule and another forty years of American rule, a diverse culture emerged containing in all aspects of social composition: multiple ethnicities with their own languages and cultural traditions that are faced by contemporary issues of poverty, social justice, and labor diaspora. Among the severely impacted are the indigenous peoples (IP) throughout the Philippine [...]

Sustainable Incomes for Indigenous Weaving Communities2016-09-20T14:06:40-07:00

Northwest Hub Showcase: Faculty and Alumni Spotlight in Seattle


At the of August in Seattle, Washington, the Fielding Northwest Hub, a regional group of students, alumni, and faculty, held a second successful event for 2016 bringing together faculty, alumni, current students, and friends of Fielding at the Hilton Seattle. Faculty member Rich Appelbaum, PhD, spoke on the evolving world of social responsibility and how to balance both corporate and societal needs. Following Dr. Appelbaum's presentation, faculty member Keith Melville, PhD, spoke about the first book published by the Fielding University Press: A Passion for Adult Learning: How the Fielding Model is Transforming Doctoral Education, of which he was the author. [...]

Northwest Hub Showcase: Faculty and Alumni Spotlight in Seattle2016-09-20T13:38:16-07:00

Alumni, Students, Faculty, and Board Members Meet in Washington, D.C.


Another Successful Fielding Alumni Network Event Fielding’s Alumni Regional Network event in August at the Fielding office in Washington, DC, welcomed over 30 attendees including faculty, students, alumni and Board members. School of Leadership Studies doctoral faculty, Connie Corley, PhD, opened the evening by engaging everyone in a round of self-introductions followed by a short presentation about her involvement in the Positive Aging Conference which was held the following weekend. Fielding host and Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Research Orlando Taylor, PhD, discussed an array of recent grants received through Fielding’s Marie Fielder Center for Democracy, Leadership, and Education. These [...]

Alumni, Students, Faculty, and Board Members Meet in Washington, D.C.2016-09-20T11:40:15-07:00
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