The prestigious award was given to the WFP for its role in combatting hunger and the use of starvation as a weapon of war. Fielding alum, Dr. George Fedha, has been a leader with the WFP for over a decade.

The agreement aims to benefit infant and early childhood mental health practitioners and families interested in fostering a developmental approach to children with neurodiversity.

Clinical Psychology student, Erinn Cameron, was drawn to Fielding because of its commitment to providing educational opportunities for diverse and non-traditional populations of students.

Dr. Pam Rutledge received the Distinguished Professional Contributions to Media Psychology & Technology Award from the American Psychological Association, Div. 46, on Friday, Aug 7, 2020. The award recognizes outstanding applied contributions to the field of media psychology and technology.

Jennifer Nosker, the Chair of the Board Scholarship recipient, was inspired to serve on Student Governance because she felt “it was important for all voices to be heard in the decision-making processes that impact students.”

Media psychologist, Dr. Aiden Hirshfield, focuses on the intersection of media and gender diversity, looking at the ways individuals use and engage with emerging media technology to explore and validate their identities.

Monique Morris, EdD
Making films and giving TED talks about the disproportionate punishment of black girls in school.

Dr. Orlando Taylor, a national leader on issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion in higher education, talks about Fielding's CASL program.

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