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Where the Fielding community gathers.

[photo: Director of Events Debbie Lemke and her daughter attend an in-person session in Santa Barbara, California. photo taken pre COVID-19]


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Debbie Lemke

Where the Fielding Community Gathers

To enrich students’ educational experience, many of Fielding’s programs hold face-to-face, in-person events throughout the year in different locations. These residential events – cluster meetings and sessions – are academic events involving students and faculty.

Our programs have varying opportunities for residential interaction. Some programs require cluster and/or session attendance and for others, residential events are optional. Contact admissions or attend an information session to learn about specific program requirements.

Luis Gonzalez Lopez

“At Fielding, I learned a lot about social justice, equality and tranformative learning that have had an impact on my teaching.”

Luis Gonzalez Lopez, Ph.D.

Named ‘Inspiring Professor’ at Tecnologico de Monterrey University, Mexico

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