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Regional Sessions

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In addition to International Sessions, several other Regional Sessions & Events are held throughout the academic year.

[photo: Students attend an in-person session. photo taken pre COVID-19]


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Debbie Lemke

Regional Sessions and Events

New Student Orientations (NSO) are held two to three times per year for several days of residential enrichment with faculty, mentors, and other students who are also launching their doctoral studies. Collegial relationships are established as you join other new students embarking on their journey of scholarly collaboration. Speak to an advisor for more specific information as this is not a requirement in all programs.

Research Sessions are also held throughout the year at various locations around the country. These sessions create an opportunity for training around specific research methodologies.

Some of our certificate programs have face-to-face sessions two to three times per year.  These sessions provide an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and enhance development and learning of various skills.

Various training, academic, and Fielding community gatherings occur around the country in order to engage students, faculty and alumni in important dialogue.

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