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Media Psychology

The Psychology Behind Persuasion and Engagement.

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Begin Your Career in a Cutting Edge Field

Fielding offers a 3-course, 100% online certificate in Media Psychology designed for professionals in diverse fields. In today’s fast-changing world, psychological theory and research can be applied to enhance or analyze the impacts of emerging media, gauging its effects on individuals and cultures. You will analyze how media and technology can best be used for socially constructive ends; and gain practical knowledge, working to create applied solutions for sustainable change.

Media psychology starts with psychology.  Where traditional communication, media studies, sociology, or psychology programs focus on process or isolate media from human experience, media psychology offers the answer to the ‘why,’ integrating the expertise of psychology with in-depth knowledge of media and technology. Students explore the ways in which cognition, emotion, and instinct can influence human responses to different media stimuli and alter technological impact. Students use these skills to anticipate consumption and use patterns, engagement, and access and look for leverageable solutions to global problems, from smart technology design to economic, social, and environmental impact.

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree
  • Online Application Form
  • Official Transcript
  • No GRE Required

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Choose Your Focus

You can focus your studies on


Brand Psychology and Audience Engagement

Are. you a change agent interested in advertising, marketing, advocacy campaigns, or business communication?

The online Certificate in Media Psychology with an Emphasis in Brand Psychology and Audience Engagement is ideal for you.   This is designed for professionals who need to understand and engage their audience and communicate their product or concept for maximum impact.

You will learn the essential features of successful engagement:

  • Understand the psychology of brand development
  • Learn how storytelling is at the core of successful branding
  • Apply archetypes to brand development
  • Isolate and communicate core values
  • Identify your core audience
  • See how narrative, identity and social influence change attitudes and behavior
  • Develop a psychology-based persona
  • Enable communities and activate fans
  • Communicate effectively in a transmedia and participatory world
Media Neuroscience

Media Neuroscience

The online Certificate in Media Psychology with an Emphasis in Media Neuroscience reveals new research modalities that help understand and predict the effectiveness of stimuli on the brain. This is designed for professionals of varied backgrounds who want to learn and apply persuasion theories based on ground-breaking neuromarketing research.

  • Study the psychology of human motivation.
  • Gain new insight on how visual perception impacts media design and message.
  • Influence the way people think, buy and work.
  • Review the pros and cons of popular theoretical frameworks used to explain and predict the effect of public information and social advocacy messaging.
  • Discover ways to improve the persuasive effect of any media campaign.
  • Understand the impact of neuroimaging technologies on neuromarketing research.
  • Learn how the nervous system influences neuromarketing methods.
  • Use eye tracking, EEG, GSR and fMRI research to solve marketing, social advocacy, advertising communication, and public campaigns.
Game controller

Psychology of Gaming

Choose 3 Courses from the Following List: 

618 Psychology of Video Games (for all students with interest in Psychology of Gaming) 

622 Communities in a Digital World (for students interested in the social aspects of video games) 

713 Audience Engagement (for students interested in how interactive technologies create engagement) 

714 Media, Technology and Social Identities (for students interested in how interactive technologies interact with our identities) 

724A Cognition and Technology (for students interested in gaming and interactive technology) 

777 Positive Media Psychology (for students interested in gaming and interactive technology) 

743 Narrative Persuasion, Brands, and Storytelling (for students interested in narrative components of games) 

753 Narrative Psychology (for students interested in narrative components of games) 

763 The Psychology of Neuromarketing (for students interested in neurological effects and marketing strategies of technology and software companies) 

Olga Valentine

“This program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in gaining a new perspective and competitive edge on how to effectively communicate in today’s digital environment.”

Olga Valentine

Marketing and Business Professional

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