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Dr. Dianne Kipnes Library Announcement: Celebrating a New Gift and Launching a Fundraising Campaign

Fielding Graduate University receives a generous commitment from The Dianne and Irving Kipnes Foundation and launches a fundraising campaign for the Dr. Dianne Kipnes Library Endowment.  Dianne Kipnes, Ph.D., 1998 School of Psychology alumna and convocation speaker for Fielding’s summer 2016 graduation ceremony, and her spouse, Mr. Irving Kipnes, have pledged $1,000,000 to establish the Dr. Dianne Kipnes Library Endowment.  Previously, Dr. Kipnes shared that she believed that libraries [...]

VP of DEI Statement Regarding Buffalo Mass Shooting

Dear Fielding Community, Our nation experienced a tragic event on May 14th in Buffalo, New York. As many of you know, a gunman killed ten people and injured three at a grocery store mid-day. At least eleven of the individuals were Black, and the neighborhood was intentionally chosen because of the high percentage of Black people who live there. The person who committed this crime boldly admitted to being [...]

The Influence Continuum Podcast: Living a Full Life with Judy Stevens-Long, Ph.D.

The Influence Continuum Podcast is produced by Fielding alum Steven Hassan, Ph.D.  Steven Hassan, Ph.D., is one of the leading experts on cults and undue influence in the world. His recent book, The Cult of Trump, is already a bestseller.  On the podcast, Dr. Hasan explains HOW mind control works and how to protect yourself from its grips. In the recent episode, Dr. Hassan discussed living a full life [...]

Alum Telletha Valenski, Ed.D., Appointed Director of West Campus at San Juan College

STAR ALUMNI ALERT: Leadership for Change Program alum Telletha Valenski, EdD’21, will serve as the next director of West Campus at San Juan College.  Prior to this appointment, Dr. Valenski was a School Health Education Specialist with Northern Navajo Medical Center. She also served on New Mexico State Chiropractic Board. Dr. Valenski is a founder and board member of Dream Diné Charter School.  Dr. Valenski’s dissertation title is Dancing [...]

Depp vs. Heard: Can Justice Prevail Amid Toxic Stans and Memes?

Trial by social media, with irreparable consequences. On April 11, 2022, the courtroom drama of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began and their tumultuous, extravagant, and mutually-abusive relationship played out across traditional and social media. However ugly the testimony, though, it's nothing compared to what is happening on social media. The public testimonies are fueling much meaner ones on social media, where stans (stalkers-plus-fans) have taken to platforms [...]

What Parents Want to Know About Snapchat and Kids

Q&A: Critical thinking skills and open communication can keep kids safe online. KEY POINTS Kids are drawn to apps where they can connect easily with friends without being spied on by parents. Social media apps are designed to be psychologically engaging. It’s what makes them fun and hard to put down. Social media use can be positive and negative. How you use it matters. Critical thinking skills and [...]

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