Fielding, Artificial Intelligence and the Evolving Frontier of Social Justice


by Jason Ohler, Ph.D. Fielding Faculty, Media Psychology It has been an honor to work for an institution that values social justice so highly. History has consistently taught us that if we aren’t vigilant about social justice, a vacuum develops that can be filled all too easily by the forces of misogyny, ethnocentrism, and xenophobia. Recent history has also taught us that technology exacerbates the potential for this to happen. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is so powerful, and often so discrete, that it can be used to win elections, set social policy, or dupe us into believing something that is [...]

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Being LGBT-POC in America


by Donica Harper, MA Doctoral Student, Fielding Graduate University Being black in America is an everyday struggle. Now, take a moment and imagine what it is like to be a woman, man, or individual who also identifies within the rainbow spectrum or any other culturally diverse groups that transcend heteronormative standards of society. As recently defined by Black Feminist Kimberle Crenshaw, intersectionality has been redefined over the past 30 years and now is “a lens, a prism, for seeing the way in which various forms of inequality often operate together and exacerbate each other… What is often missing is how some [...]

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What Juneteenth Means to Me


BY Sheila Turner, MSCJ, CDCA Clinical psychology, Student, Fielding Graduate University As the nation argues against the teaching of Critical Race Theory, it is only appropriate that we discuss Juneteenth. Individuals mark this day as “Freedom Day” because an estimated 25,000 enslaved black people were told they were finally free (Hine et al., 2008). However, they had been free two years before that, but the reluctance of slave owners to relinquish their enslaved people resulted in suppressing this information. I reference Critical Race Theory when speaking of Juneteenth because it is a continuance of ignoring the facts and history of [...]

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What is Positive Media Psychology?


presenter PAM RUTLEDGE, PHD Doctoral faculty, Media Psychology zoom webinar May 19, 2021 Positive Media Psychology applies the theories and research from positive psychology to media and technology. Whether I’m working with interactive media, entertainment experiences, marketing content, social media, mobile devices or the news, a positive media psychology paradigm shifts the perspective away from looking for what’s wrong toward how mediated experiences can make lives and society better. In this brief presentation, I will discuss how media and technology can contribute to positive emotions, such as happiness and empathy; what technologies are used to support optimal engagement and mindfulness [...]

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Clubhouse: What’s the Appeal of Social Audio Apps?


BY PAM RUTLEDGE, PHD Doctoral faculty, Media Psychology APRIL 6, 2021 After a year of Zoom, people are flocking to audio-only conversations. SUMMARY Clubhouse is a throwback audio-only app for drop-in discussions, serendipitous meetings, and eavesdropping without shame. Invitation- and IOS-only, exclusivity, celebrity, and FOMO fuel its appeal; voice transmits emotion without the distraction of video, creating a sense of intimacy. Popular with marketers and self-promoters, there is an emphasis on audience building, getting followers, and monetization. Topics range from useful and insightful to inspirational; however, there have been reports of abuse, misogyny, anti-Semitism, and racism, in spite of community [...]

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Reality TV and the Dark Triad


BY PAM RUTLEDGE, PHD Doctoral faculty, Media Psychology APRIL 3, 2021 Reality shows thrive on drama created by those who manipulate and deceive. SUMMARY Dark Triad personality traits including entitlement, deception, lack of empathy, and manipulation are common among reality TV characters. Dark Triad traits are also associated with con artists. On realiy shows, manipulation and self-interest attract viewers because conflict activates emotion and drama. Brands should be cautious about who they choose to represent them. Dark Triad traits may increase ratings, but they can damage a brand's image. Jen Shah of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, isn’t the [...]

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The Fragility of Social Media Fame


BY PAM RUTLEDGE, PHD Doctoral faculty, Media Psychology March 30, 2021 What Goes Up, Can Come Crashing Down. Many successful people will tell you that fame is illusory at best.  That doesn’t make wealth, privilege and adoration look less fun from the outside. Social media fame is particularly alluring when we hear stories of ‘overnight’ success and the economics of monetizing millions of followers based on personality, chutzpah, and the ability to attract attention are the critical talents, not years of studying Method Acting or busking on street corners.  Fame can come quickly as memes spread and followers, like moths to a flame, go with what [...]

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We All Are Black History


BY LeAna Norman, Student Clinical psychology, fielding graduate university Black History Month is much more than a month that only has twenty-eight days, and that celebrates important Black figures that America picks and chooses to highlight. Black history is much deeper and more colorful than what is highlighted in textbooks and the media. More specifically, the Black being has been arguably credited as the inspiration for modern civilization. As a psychology doctoral student, I have gained a better understanding of the importance of mental health and the psychopathology of mental illnesses. So, when I hear or see influential Black figures of [...]

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Anti-Black Racism


BY Sheila turner, Student Clinical psychology, fielding graduate university Dr. Alex L. Pieterse frames racism as “an intentional system of POWER built on social difference…DESIGNED to restrict opportunity, PROFIT on oppression and JUSTIFY its actions by the FALSE ideology of white superiority (emphasis Pieterse, Pieterse, 2020). With the racial incidences in the United States during the last year, despite their occurrence in the previous 400 years, there has been a particular interest in anti-Black racism. Specifically, non-people of color have decided to take on the banner of what it means to be anti-racist in a racist society. To be anti-racist means [...]

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The Life and Legacy of Cicely Tyson


BY Brianna Jones-Downey, Student Clinical psychology, fielding graduate university Cicely Tyson (1924-2021), acclaimed as one of the most poised and influential figures in the Black community, had an illustrious film career is marked by the reinvention of black representation in the media. It is no wonder that Tyson was discovered by a photographer and became a fashion model before her career as an iconic TV and film actress. During an era when Black women were bombarded continuously with Eurocentric aesthetic measures, Tyson stepped into Ebony magazine, embracing her racial identity through her choice of hairstyles. Later, she garnered much success in [...]

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