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Fielding is a global institution. Outside of the Unites States we enroll approximately 100 students who reside in over 25 countries. We emphasize the importance of global learning and wide-ranging experiences in our campus culture and our vision, values, mission and goals. We’re open to broad ideas, diverse cultures and international perspectives. Explore the diversity of Fielding’s student body by visiting Fielding at a Glance.

Fielding Graduate University is committed to fostering an international campus, and we welcome you to apply!

Degree from Outside the United States

You will need to have your degree transcript evaluated if it is from an institution located outside of the United States in order to establish equivalency with a regionally accredited US degree, unless your degree program has an established articulation agreement with Fielding .

You will need to request an evaluation that lists each course with grades and a cumulative GPA, generally called a “course by course” evaluation. You need to provide an original transcript to the evaluation service according to their process, and request that they send the evaluation directly to Fielding. Please do not send your original transcript to Fielding.

We accept evaluations from the following agencies, but you may use any current members of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES):

The evaluation can take three weeks or more, and application processes and costs vary between transcript evaluation service agencies. Some agencies have an option to expedite evaluations for an additional fee.

Can you waive the International Transcript Evaluation?2022-05-24T15:54:38-07:00

International Transcript Evaluations are required of all applicants with a degree earned outside of the US, unless the degree conferring institution has an existing articulation agreement with Fielding Graduate University, OR has a US regional accreditation. Additional details regarding admission and application requirements can be found here.

Does a 3-year equivalent degree meet admissions qualifications?2022-05-24T15:55:22-07:00

Degrees with a 3-year equivalency generally do not meet the minimum requirement of a regionally accredited US degree equivalency without receiving additional academic credentials, such as a master’s degree.

Can I submit unofficial transcripts?2022-05-24T15:56:08-07:00

Official transcripts and an international transcript evaluation are required for admission consideration.

Student Visas

Fielding’s online or mostly online programs are designed for working professionals who live and maintain their employment in their home country while completing their program. These online programs are not eligible for F-1 student visas for U.S. residency or school-related employment.  Online-only programs and half-time programs are not eligible for F-1 student visas; only full-time programs that require in-person residency are eligible and only for the period of time that the in-person residency is required.

The Clinical Psychology PhD program is the only Fielding program that requires international students to come to the US to live, at minimum for the duration of their US-based clinical practicum and internships. Fielding is approved to support F-1 student visas for this program. Most non-Canadian international students live in the US on F-1 student visas for the entire duration of their Fielding studies. As these clinical training placements are required of students for the degree, if the training position acquired by the student is a paid one, the student on an F-1 visa can be set-up to work in the US at those placements. The Registrar’s Office will work with eligible students who are interested in pursuing a student visa.

F-1 VISA Requirements

F-1 Visa Requirements for Clinical Psychology Students2022-05-24T16:09:33-07:00

If you are an accepted applicant or current Fielding student and believe you are both eligible and require a student visa, please contact a Fielding Designated School Official (DSO) in the Registrar’s Office for assistance. You will need a SEVIS I-20 form completed by a Fielding DSO as part of your visa application to your local US consulate. In order to prepare your I-20 form Fielding’s DSO will need:

Contact Info: including a US address if you will be moving here (initially can be temporary)

Dates of Travel: this date can be no earlier than 30 days from the start of your enrollment at Fielding

Passport Copy: including those of any dependents who will be coming to the US to live with you

Liquid Assets: documentation must show an amount that exceeds the current cost of living allowance for one year of attendance at Fielding

Other Common FAQs of International Students

Do you offer scholarships?2022-05-24T16:03:27-07:00

There are scholarship programs at Fielding for incoming and returning students that will provide some financial support.  For example, in 2021 there were 42 scholarship programs available to students with a range of awards between $500 – $12,970 and an average award of about $1,500. However, there are no scholarships to fully fund students at Fielding at this time.

Do you offer Fellowships or Assistantships?2022-05-24T15:48:37-07:00

Because the majority of Fielding’s programs are offered online, there are no graduate assistantships or fellowships for current students.

Do you offer application fee waivers?2022-05-24T15:52:38-07:00

Yes, application fee waivers are available for people who attend a live online program information session.

Can I visit the Fielding Campus?2022-05-24T16:23:57-07:00

Fielding has administrative buildings and offices in Santa Barbara, CA, and Washington, DC, the nation’s capital. The university does not have a physical campus in the traditional sense. The majority of Fielding programs are online or have very short residencies, and they do not require relocation. However, Fielding hosts optional, regional events throughout the year that prospective students may be invited to attend.

Prior to the pandemic, Fielding also hosted each year two large in-person international events. The first international event traditionally took place in January in Santa Barbara, California. The second international event took place in the summer, most recently in Chicago, Illinois. The current plan is to reconvene the international winter event in Santa Barbara, California, in January 2023.

Scholarships & Loans for International Students

Most of Fielding’s scholarships are open to students from anywhere in the world, and we work closely with international students who have external funding through loans, sponsorship, scholarships, or other sources.


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Facilities Headquarters

Fielding’s administrative offices are located in two lot-adjacent office buildings in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. To enrich your educational experience, many of Fielding’s programs hold face-to-face events throughout the year in different regional locations. Our Academic Conferencing & Events Department contracts with hotels and other educational spaces such as retreat centers to provide suitable spaces for your learning and engagement with faculty.

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