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Financial planning is crucial to successfully reach graduation.


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Welcome to the Office of Financial Aid

Obtaining financial aid can seem like a daunting task, but we are here to help.

Begin by viewing the useful links below to get started on building a solid financial plan. Whether you are requesting a federal student loan, searching for scholarships, or simply checking out your options, our office is here to guide you through the entire process.

We understand that you may have some questions or situations that are personal and sensitive in nature.  Whether you are a student who has faced a loan default in your past, or a transgender student faced with the selective service question, our goal is to help you find funding resources to pursue your education.

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Know Your Personal Finances

Whether it is a detailed spreadsheet or just mental notes, you have household income and expenses that you track in some way.  Having a household budget, especially as you transition from working adult to working adult student, will help you see your financial picture more clearly.  If you don’t already have a budgeting tool, you can start with a simple spreadsheet template or use a software tool.  Some free budgeting resources for students:


Estimate Your School Budget

Start with a review of the tuition and costs each term for an average student in your program, but be aware that your own costs can vary depending on your location and your personal choices.  Then estimate the number of terms that you will be enrolled in your program.  Attend an Information Session to learn about the curriculum and program length.


Close Funding Gaps

If your personal resources won’t cover your estimated budget, then you need to find funding to help fill the gap.  There are many options that Fielding students use, and most use a combination of the following (select links for more info):

Federal Student Aid

The steps to request federal aid can be completed even before you are accepted into Fielding. Waiting until the last minute to apply for aid can lead to unexpected and often lengthy delays.  Federal student loans for graduate students are not need-based which means your income information does not affect your eligibility.

Financial Aid Checklist

Two types of federal student loans are available for graduate students –

Direct Unsubsidized loan – This loan is available to eligible graduate students to help cover the cost of higher education with no credit check required.  More information: Studentaid.ed.gov  Annual and Lifetime Limits apply:

  • Graduate students are eligible for up to $20,500 each year and $138,500 total lifetime.
  • Clinical Psychology PhD students only are eligible for an additional $16,667 annually and an additional $85,500 total lifetime.

Direct Graduate PLUS loan – This credit-based loan is available to students who have reached their annual or lifetime borrowing limit on their Unsubsidized federal loans, or for students who find that the Unsubsidized loan is insufficient to cover tuition or educational costs. Direct PLUS loans do require a check for adverse credit history; however, there is a process to request an appeal or use an endorser, if credit is declined initially. More information Studentaid.ed.gov

You Don’t Have to Plan Alone

Connect with a financial aid advisor to talk more about the funding options available at Fielding.

Schedule an Appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor


International Students

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Canada Student Financial Assistance

Apply for financial aid for Canadian residents through the Government of Canada.

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Scholarships Canada

Scholarships Canada

Use ScholarshipsCanada search tool and get instantly matched to scholarships.

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Yconic Canadian Student Community

Research Canadian education funding sources.

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International Student Scholarship Search Engine

Use IEFA to search for international scholarship and grant opportunities.

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Financial Aid for International Students

Learn about the variety of funding sources available to international students.

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Organization of American States

Loan program for citizens from Latin America and Caribbean OAS member states.

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