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Making a difference in the real world — from theory and research to practice.

School of Psychology

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An APA accredited* conventional doctoral program delivered in an unconventional way.

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Where technology meets human experience. PhD, Master’s, and Certificate offered.

Infant and Early Childhood Development

Emphases in mental health and developmental disorders.

A Leader in Psychology Education for 47 Years.

Whether you’re interested in the APA accredited Clinical Psychology program, Media Psychology, General Psychology, or Infant and Early Childhood Development, all of our programs are designed for individuals balancing career, family, and community responsibilities while achieving their educational goals.

Become part of Fielding’s community of scholar-practitioners and help define the future of psychology in:

*Questions related to the program’s accredited status should be directed to the Commission on Accreditation:
Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
American Psychological Association
750 1st Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 336-5979

Programs in the School of Psychology

PhD — Master’s — Certificates

Clinical Psychology

PhD in Clinical Psychology.
Accredited by the American Psychological Association.

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Clinical Psychology

Fielding’s Clinical Psychology program has been accredited by the American Psychological Association since 1991


Infant and Early Childhood Development with an emphasis in Mental Health

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Multi-disciplinary scholarship with emphases in mental health and developmental disorders


A conventional doctoral program delivered in an unconventional way

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PhD in Psychology

Unique learning model that employs the best distance learning opportunities methods

Media Psychology

Where technology meets human experience.

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Media Psychology

Applying the psychology of human behavior to media and technology.
PhD, Master’s, and Certificate offered.

Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Clinical Psychology

1-Year Postbac

1-year program to make you a more competitive applicant for Clinical Psychology PhD programs

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Postdoctoral Certificate in Respecialization in Clinical Psychology

Respecialization in Clinical Psychology

Transform your doctorate, become a licensed clinical psychologist

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Neuropsychology Specialization Training Program


Designed for licensed psychologists who want to extend the scope of their practice to include neuropsychology.

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School of Psychology News

The latest news, special events, and information from Fielding’s School of Psychology.

Exciting Careers In Psychology

Careeers in Psychology

Join Dr. Kristine Jacquin, dean of the School of Psychology, as she discusses the many career options for those pursuing higher education in the varied fields of psychology.

Careers in Psychology Introduction & Background2022-04-28T22:00:36-07:00

Introduction, Background, and Purpose of Presentation

1) 0:000:17 | Intro by Erica Fichter, Director of Admissions
0:171:08 | Intro by Dr. Kristine Jacquine, Dean of the School of Psychology, on the purpose of presentation
1:082:53 | Kristine’s background in academia and professional experience and purpose of presentation
2:536:30 | Defining the Field of Psychology and why sub-disciplines exist, along with definitions and the overlap between them
6:308:06 | Identifying the 3 domains of Psychology Careers (Academic, Research, Applied) and how they are not mutually exclusive from one another

Academic Careers2022-04-28T22:04:45-07:00

Academic Careers

6) 8:0610:07 | Teaching at the university, college, or high school level
10:0711:55 | Administrative and/or advising career in the college/university level

Research Careers

8) 11:5515:41 | Research Psychology Careers and what the difference is between university/research institute research roles
15:4118:23 | Researcher careers in nonprofits, healthcare, private companies, tech companies
18:2322:03 | Defining Experimental, Descriptive, and Relational Research, along with examples of research
22:0323:50 | Positions of independent researcher, depending on degree earned

Applied Psych Careers

12) 23:5024:57 | Defining Applied Psychology career field
24:5726:12 | Examples of applied psychology career in different industries
26:1229:14 | Defining a media psychology consultant
29:1430:35 | Defining Performance Psychologist
30:3532:43 | Defining clinical/cognitive/general psychologists working in legal system

Q&A Session2022-04-28T22:11:19-07:00

17) 33:3535:25 | “What is the difference between a PsyD and PhD in Psychology?
35:2537:59 | “If I am a registered nurse and want to do health psychology, should I do the clinical psychology or general psychology program?”
37:5939:50 | “What would be the path to become licensed as a child psychologist?”
39:5040:52 | “I want to become licensed as a psychologist, specializing in trauma & addiction in Texas. Can I do this APA accredited program or a non-APA accredited program to become licensed?”
40:5242:51 | “I am interested in completing a PhD in Psychology, focusing on adult human development. Would the PhD IECD program be a good fit or what other Fielding program is a good fit?”
42:5245:56 “I am interested in health psychology. What are the unique career options for health psychologists?”
45:5647:36 | “I am interested in neuro psychology. What are the unique career options for neuro psychologists?”
47:3648:04 | Kristine clarifying the difference and similarities between Neuropsychologists and Health Psychologists
48:1949:28 | “What is Fielding’s school of thought or theoretical orientation within the programs?”
49:2850:54 | “Can I become a forensic psychologist only within the PhD in Clinical Psychology program?”
50:5451:48 | “Can I do more than 1 concentration in Fielding’s programs?”
52:0652:53 | “What is the duration of the clinical psychology program in-person requirements?” Outro and contact information to Admissions @ Fielding
52:5353:26 | End of Presentation

“Why I chose Fielding.” – Clinical Psychology alum, Yelina Fernandez, PhD

I was an educator for fifteen years and my specialty was teaching gifted children.

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