Fielding Graduate University’s School for Leadership Studies (SLS) organized a Research and Practice session, “Qualitative Research from Start to Finish” which took place April 11 – 13, 2024 in Santa Barbara, California. 

Fourteen PhD and EdD students came from around the country and Canada to move their dissertation topic and research ahead.  Led by Human and Organization Development (HOD) faculty, Patrice Rosenthal, Fred Steier and Annabelle Nelson, joined by Valerie Bentz, Rich Appelbaum and Keith Melville, topics ranged from the research topic, research question, the literature review, qualitative interviewing, and qualitative research methods.

Students from the first term to those analyzing their qualitative interviews found tailored workshops and engendered peer support.  For over four decades, Keith Melville, HOD faculty was vetted at a celebratory dinner,  with everyone singing the Fielding Fight song.  Students reported that the experience was powerful in catalyzing their motivation and moving ahead in the dissertation process.

“Nothing beats such in-person sessions, personalized yet a shared collective wisdom in a safe and inclusive environment,” Lynn Sitanimezi, graduate student.

“Our time together made Fielding feel real.” Michele Leaver, graduate student

“It was especially helpful to be able to hear from and have conversations with multiple faculty beyond my committee about my topic and to return to the next layer of questions/thinking that inevitably bubble up while still together.” Linda Urban, graduate student

Photos from the Event

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