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Joins Rowan Education Partners

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Statement from the Board of Trustees

On December 16, 2021, the Fielding Board of Trustees unanimously approved an affiliation agreement with Rowan Education Partners, an initiative of Rowan University. The affiliation is expected to take effect in 2023, subject to regulatory and accreditation approvals. When the affiliation is complete, Fielding will be an institutional member of Rowan Education Partners.

Created by Rowan University, Rowan Education Partners is a non-profit affiliate network of higher educational institutions that serve diverse populations and audiences. The network is intended to benefit affiliates by providing a set of coordinated services to support the delivery of their respective academic programs. Fielding is the first institution to join the network.

Rowan University is a comprehensive R-2 university with approximately 20,000 students offering more than 74 bachelor’s degrees and 51 master’s degree programs, four doctoral programs, and two professional programs. The university is one of just 56 institutions in the country with accredited programs in business, education, engineering and medicine. The main campus is located in Glassboro, New Jersey. See

The partnership between Rowan and Fielding is an exceptional opportunity for our entire community. An alliance with Rowan Education Partners empowers Fielding to do what it has done since its founding in 1974—offering educational opportunities to adult learners as they pursue graduate degrees in the social sciences. Benefits include increasing technology and academic supports for our students in all programs by securing more resources through collaborative planning. In addition, there are many exciting opportunities to explore, including scholarly collaboration amongst members of the affiliate network and global programming for adult learners.

I would like to thank Fielding President Katrina S. Rogers, Rowan University President Ali Houshmand, Rowan Education Partners President Horacio Sosa, and their teams for their dedication and hard work in making this partnership a reality. This agreement is tangible evidence of the mutual respect and commitment between Rowan and Fielding that will ensure the future success of our students, faculty, and alums.

As the next steps, we will be providing opportunities to discuss the affiliation and implications for our community in the months ahead.

With kind regards,

Karen Bogart, Ph.D.
Chair, Board of Trustees

What does this affiliation mean for our diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments?2022-01-06T20:12:11-08:00

Rowan University has a demonstrable track record in DEI with their diversity by design philosophy and a wide range of student support services.  As an affiliate in the RG network, we are joining a group of institutions committed to DEI. Fielding Graduate University is moving forward on its promise to center Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion throughout the fabric of the institution as part of our overall historical and institutional commitment to social justice.

What does this announcement about the affiliation with Rowan Global mean for the future of Fielding Graduate University?2021-12-19T15:36:19-08:00

Fielding has engaged in conversations with several educational institutions to identify opportunities for alliances that would enable Fielding to thrive while remaining aligned with our essential mission to offer quality graduate education to adult learners. A preliminary proposal developed by Rowan University—a public, nonprofit, research university with a global network —was so compelling that the Fielding Board of Trustees authorized the President to begin formal negotiations. 

Who is Rowan University?2021-12-19T15:36:28-08:00

Since its founding in 1923, Rowan University has evolved from a teacher preparation college to a bustling regional university that is ranked among the best public universities in North America by U.S. News and World Report. Today, Rowan’s more than 18,000 students choose from more than 74 bachelor’s degrees and 51 master’s degree programs, four doctoral programs and two professional programs. The university is one of just 56 institutions in the country with accredited programs in business, education, engineering and medicine.  The main campus is located in Glassboro, New Jersey.

Is this a merger or acquisition?2023-11-09T04:55:19-08:00

No. Fielding is not being acquired by or merging with Rowan University.  By joining Rowan Education Partners as an affiliate, we remain independent in our management and operations.  Our academic autonomy remains intact.

Will Fielding still grant Fielding degrees?2021-12-19T15:36:39-08:00


What are some of the benefits of joining Rowan Education Partners?2023-11-09T06:49:15-08:00

Fielding is the first institution in the Rowan Education Partners network of independent but like-minded institutions that share services to create savings that are reinvested in academic programming to achieve greater global impact.

Fielding gains several important benefits and opportunities to:

1)  improve the student learning experience by having the resources to invest in student support services, academic resources, and technology support.

2) increase the strength of Fielding through marketing and recruitment so that we can invest in our current academic programs, build new specializations within programs, and create new programs for our future growth.  This affiliation will enhance Fielding Graduate University’s capacity to compete more successfully against better-resourced institutions.

3) expand the use of technology enabling Fielding to increase and diversify our means of reaching and better serving students.

4)  enhance the work environment for faculty to facilitate their continued development as educators and scholars and make Fielding more competitive in hiring new faculty and retaining existing faculty.

5)  take advantage of Fielding’s experience and knowledge about programs specifically designed for adult learners and mid-career professionals.

What happens to Fielding’s assets, like our endowment funds, real estate, and cash reserves?2021-12-19T15:36:53-08:00

All assets remain within Fielding Graduate University, which will continue to be governed by the Fielding board of trustees.

What does this affiliation mean for Fielding students?2021-12-19T15:36:58-08:00

While there will be no changes in Fielding students’ programs, Fielding will use the affiliation to improve student support services, such as wellness programs, academic technology, and writing support services.

What does this affiliation mean for faculty?2021-12-19T15:37:02-08:00

Fielding faculty will not experience any changes in their programs or employment status. Under the affiliation, we intend to offer more faculty development resources and support for academic technology.

Will we still be accredited by WSCUC and APA?2022-01-04T21:56:42-08:00

We will remain accredited by the Western Senior Colleges and Universities Commission (WSCUC) and the American Psychological Association (APA).

What about any donations I have given to Fielding?2021-12-19T15:37:16-08:00

All of our current funds and any future donations are legally required to be used for the specific purpose for which they were given and are not subject to change.

What does this affiliation mean for staff?2023-11-09T04:58:23-08:00

We have no immediate plans for staffing changes in the process of joining Rowan Education Partners, and we will continue recruiting for the many open positions posted on the Fielding website. Over time, and as our staffing needs evolve, we will work closely with Rowan Education Partners and Fielding’s Office of Human Resources to meet future staffing needs and offer opportunities for career development and support.

What does this affiliation mean for alumni?2021-12-19T15:37:26-08:00

The alumni community remains the same.  The alumni association will remain housed within Fielding.

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Director of Development and Community Relations Elena Nicklasson at or call 805.898.2926.

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