Fielding University Press

A new Fielding initiative designed to sustain the excellence of its research on a global basis.

Monograph_CU3Fielding University Press is a publisher of academic books across a variety of disciplines. Its catalog is grounded in the PhD programs and research by faculty and students of Fielding Graduate University, as well as scholars and researchers worldwide. In 2013, FUP launched the Fielding Monograph series, a collection of publications focused on key issues at the intersection of academic research and modern society. These monographs offer original, groundbreaking research on topics such as social change in the workplace, clinical health, media psychology, veteran re-integration, digital citizenship, and leadership in social diversity and sustainability.

In 2016, Fielding published the first in a series of books authored by individual scholars, often in collaboration with academic experts around the globe. A typical example is Contemplative Social Research, edited by Dr. Valerie Bentz and Dr. Vincenzo Giorgino together with nine scholars throughout Europe and North America. 

For its 2017-2018 publishing slate, Fielding University Press plans to release another exciting series of books and monographs that establish Fielding and its associated academic institutions as leaders in innovative research in the social, educational and behavioral sciences.