Psychology Ethics in Everyday Life

Edited by Sherry Hatcher and Kristine Jacquin

Now available in both printed and e-book format

“This book provides a remarkable guide for understanding how people apply. ethical norms at a time when some imagine Americans to be more motivated by self-interest than by considering the ethical impact of their behaviors.” Patricia Gurin, Ph.D., Nancy Cantor Distinguished University Professor, Emeritus, University of Michigan

“This fascinating book explores how non-psychologists engage with the ideas of ethics as initially written for psychologists in our Ethics Code… The book is complex, rich, and thoughtful, something for non-psychologists to enjoy and learn from.” Susan G. Goldberg, J.D., Ph.D, Psychologist, Parkhurst Associates Mental Health Services

Can psychology ethics offer a new platform of moral and ethical leadership in modern society? Are APA ethics standards relevant for individuals across all walks of life and, if so, what stories can be told about the ethical dilemmas that we all face on a daily basis? These questions form the core of this book. Edited by psychologists Sherry Hatcher and Kristine Jacquin with contributions from 10 other authors, the book addresses a wide range of common ethical issues, including confidentiality, multiple relationships, conflicts of interest, sexual and other harassment, informed consent, interference of personal problems, privacy issues, exploitation, plagiarism and unfair discrimination. The book is based on a study of 133 participants across the United States, including firefighters, teachers, law enforcement professionals, taxi drivers, chefs, homemakers, students, physicians, nurses, home caregivers, business professionals, artists and musicians. These participants provided thoughtful and often moving narratives about ethical dilemmas they faced at work or in their personal lives. Especially in an era of increasing social tensions, Psychology Ethics in Everyday Life is a highly valuable contribution to helping us understand and resolve the great ethical issues of our time.

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Fielding Monograph Series (Book 16)
Paperback: 377 pages
Publisher: Fielding University Press (November 6, 2020)

ISBN-10 : 1647130344
ISBN-13 : 978-1647130343

Praise for Psychology Ethics in Everyday Life:

“This book undertakes the intriguing task of examining how a broad and diverse sample of non-psychologists from across the United States apply selected standards from the APA Ethics Code to their own lives. The authors approach this endeavor with sensitivity and compassion as they collect and share the narratives of these diverse individuals. As an expert in psychology ethics, I found that this book provides a fascinating mirror for psychologists to better appreciate the broader applicability and universality of our fundamental ethical standards. The authors also provide a compelling consideration of how these ethical standards might be flexibly applied to ethical dilemmas that have arisen in the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Erica H. Wise, Ph.D., Director, Psychology Training Clinic of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“In this creative and thoughtful book, Kristine Jacquin and Sherry Hatcher and many of their students investigate how psychology’s ethics principles can be useful to non-psychologists in their everyday lives. Using interview data, the authors demonstrate how ethical principles such as Maintaining Confidentiality, Unfair Discrimination, Avoidance of False or Deceptive Statements and Boundaries of Competence speak to people’s personal lives, work lives and their lives as citizens.  In addition, the authors consider how these ethical principles have come to the fore in the challenges of the pandemic. A succession of well-written and insightful chapters, each attending to a particular ethical principle, demonstrate the broader utility and applicability of psychology’s ethical standards and is illuminating to read.”

Ruthellen Josselson, Ph.D., author of Narrative and Cultural Humility: Reflections from “the Good Witch” teaching psychotherapy in China.

Psychology Ethics in Everyday Life


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