Leadership Coaching in China

Edited by Marjorie Woo, Tom Payne, James Warner and Jeff Hasenfratz

Now available in both printed and e-book format

“A multi-faceted collection of insights into leadership coaching, Chinese culture, and the relationship between the two! This is a unique resource for anyone interested in any of these three fascinating topics.” – Robert Kegan, Professor, Harvard University

Chinese corporations—as well as multinationals operating in China—increasingly recognize that their top management needs Western-style support in honing their leadership skills, provided such guidance is leavened with the unique nuances of Chinese culture. The result is “an entirely new practice of executive coaching,” according to Marjorie Woo, one of the lead editors who collected an incisive account of their experiences in Leadership Coaching in China. Published by Fielding University Press, the book provides fascinating observations by leading China-based coaches, academics and business leaders on the challenges of applying Western-style leadership development methods at major Chinese corporations, including state-owned enterprises as well as private start-ups. Among others, the book reveals successful strategies for how to initiate coaching engagements, how to best involve key stakeholders, and how to foster a modern leadership style in the Chinese C-suite that can motivate individuals and teams at all levels of the organization. Edited by James Warner, Tom Payne and Jeff Hasenfratz in addition to Woo, with contributions from 30 Chinese and Western coaching professionals, the book is the first to fully explore the experience of Western coaches operating at the highest levels of Chinese industry.

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Praise for Leadership Coaching in China:

“This is a must-read book for those interested in coaching in China – whether
business leaders, professional coaches, or those thinking of starting careers in the coaching field. The editors have gathered the collective wisdom of experts with years of professional coaching experience in China and other parts of the world.” – Juan Antonio Fernandez, Professor, CEIBS

“Required reading for all consultants in China, beginners and veterans alike, Marjorie Woo has created a carefully curated collection of insightful articles chronicling the early challenges, initial acceptance and future course of coaching and advisory work in China.” – Grant W. Levitan, PhD, Senior Partner, RHR International LLP

“Wish this book was available during my assignment as HR Director in China from 2006 to 2015.  This book, packed with relevant topics arranged in a logical flow, is easy to read.  The case studies, experiences and lessons learnt, the conversations amongst professors, practitioners, coaches and coachees are insightful.” – Dr. Kuan Thye Sean, FedEx Express Asia Pacific.

“Leadership Coaching in China’ is the comprehensive, experienced-based guide enabling Chinese and foreign leaders and coaches to fully leverage the benefits of coaching across organizations. Besides learning how to structure coaching practices in a culturally-effective way, readers will gain empowering insights about how to be a better leader and a better coach, and therefore co-create greater value with others.” – Jean-Francois Cousin, MCC, 2019 Chairman of the ICF Global Board

“This is an insightful book which highlights the need for formal leadership coaching in an interconnected world in which China is playing an increasingly important role. Understanding how Chinese cultural nuances can support the development of China-responsible leaders, vs. simply following tried and tested western approaches, provides valuable perspective and leverage.” – Jafar Amin, President, Wells Fargo Asia Pacific

Fielding Monograph Series (Book 18)
Paperback: 311 pages
Publisher: Fielding University Press (March 4 2021)

Leadership Coaching in China