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Fielding Staff Council

Fielding Staff Council

Fielding believes in shared governance and values the participation of all our community members. To that end, Fielding Staff Council advises the president and administration in matters pertaining to the interests and needs of the staff as they strive to support the university. The council represents all staff at the director level and below, and meets regularly with the University Leadership Team. Staff Council members are elected by the staff during annual elections; their meetings are open to all staff.


The Fielding Graduate University Staff Council mission is to serve in an advisory capacity and in the spirit of shared governance as a liaison and advocate to the President, administration, and faculty, in matters pertaining to the interests and needs of the staff in support of the needs of the university.


  1. Participate, assist, advocate, and advise in decision-making processes in the spirit of shared governance that affect the staff’s relationship with the broader Fielding community, e.g., select staff representatives to serve on institutional task forces and committees when appropriate, and in the talent acquisition and retention process.
  2. Encourage communication on behalf of staff with faculty, the administration, and the the President.
  3. Present and advocate ideas that originate and reflect the interest of staff members to the President, and faculty on areas of mutual interest.
  4. Empower staff to contribute towards an efficient, fulfilling, and attractive work environment across the university. Promote and advocate staff professionalism and support opportunities for staff professional development by fostering staff engagement and enhancing staff morale. Including, but not limited to talent acquisition and retention, benefits, workplace behavior reforms, staff development, and other issues affecting staff.
  5. Establish workgroups to advance the wellness and interest of the staff.
  6. To advance the interest of the staff, in accordance with our mission and in the spirit of shared governance, by proposing policy recommendations, passing resolutions, holding staff elections and referendums, and working closely with HR leadership on matters pertaining to the staff.
  7. Encourages the incorporation of the elements of the Leadership Challenge into the work of the council, including to Model the Way, to Inspire a Shared Vision, to Challenge the Process, to Enable Others to Act, and to Encourage the Heart.
  8. Exemplify and support Fielding’s values as enumerated in the strategic plan and its implication for staff and the FSC. Fielding values include:

Academic Excellence: We commit to the highest quality scholarship, research, and practice.

Community: We support a collaborative learning environment built on inclusion, and mutual respect.

Diversity: We commit to having a faculty, staff, and student body that is diverse and inclusive. We embrace and celebrate the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences of our diverse community.

Learner-centered Education: We create an interactive experience that responds to the interrelated personal and professional lives of our students.

Social Justice: We commit to advancing equality and justice in our University, and in the local, national, and global communities impacted by our work.

Transformational Learning: We inspire a re-examination of one’s world view and underlying assumptions to enable a deeper understanding of self and society.


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