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This session is eligible for 1.0 Coach Continuing Education Units (1.0 Resource Development)

SPEAKER: Wendy-Ann Smith, BCC
Wed., May 15, 2024
11 a.m.-12 p.m. PT / 2-3 p.m. ET

Continuing Coach Education

Coaching, a dynamic and diverse helping field, draws influence from various domains yet grapples with the challenge of legitimacy. Ethics emerges as a guiding force towards this desired outcome. The coaching landscape, mirroring life’s fluidity, demands continuous scrutiny of our thinking and practices, where mistakes and successes carry ethical considerations.

Recognizing the tensions that arise is crucial for directing attention to areas requiring focus in learning, decision-making, and practice—each shaping professional identity and coaching approaches. Learning from both successes and hiccups becomes an essential catalyst for growth, fostering ethical awareness and laying the foundation for professional integrity. 

Join Wendy-Ann as she shares impactful stories from her coaching journey, prompting collaborative reflection with the audience. Drawing insights from her latest publications, ‘Positive Psychology Coaching in the Workplace,’ ‘The Ethical Coaches’ Handbook: A Guide to Developing Ethical Maturity in Practice,’ and ‘Ethical Case Studies for Coach Development and Practice: A Coach’s Companion,’ Wendy-Ann explores ethical practice, maturity, and coaching with professional integrity. Enriched by the voices of prominent figures in coaching, scholarship, and ethical thinking, these resources serve as vital guides for coaches across philosophies, training backgrounds, and experience levels. Take a step towards fostering legitimacy and cultivating an ever more mature practice in the evolving landscape of coaching.


  • Cultivate ethical awareness and professional integrity.
  • Build awareness of and navigate tensions for learning and professional growth.
  • Identify and leverage resources to inform and guide ethical decision-making and action.
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Wendy-Ann Smith

Wendy-Ann Smith

Wendy-Ann Smith, BCC

Wendy-Ann Smith is a coaching psychologist, researcher, author and educator. She coaches leaders for professional-personal development and wellbeing. Wendy-Ann is the co-founder of the Coaching Ethics Forum, founding and executive editor of the Journal of Coaching Ethics, Visiting Fellow, Centre for Positive Psychology, Buckinghamshire New University, UK and Ethics group discussion lead at the Institute of Coaching. Her recent research has looked at how coaches understand their development with several publications from this work. Her recent publications are Positive Psychology Coaching in the Workplace (2021)  The Ethical Coaches’ Handbook: A Guide to Developing Ethical Maturity in Practice (publication 2023), and Ethical Case Studies for Coach Development and practice: A Coach’s Companion (Forthcoming, 2024) she has also authored chapters on various topics within coaching psychology and positive psychology. Wendy-Ann regularly coaches a small number of one-to-one clients. She designs and delivers lectures, training and workshops internationally in various settings, including universities. Her specific interest is supporting the development of coaches through coaching psychology, positive psychology, and increasing ethical awareness and practice.

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