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Team & Group Coaching: The Similarities and Differences

Recorded on February 17, 2021

Speaker: Pamela Van Dyke, Ph.D., PCC

Pamela Van Dyke, Ph.D., PCC

Pamela Van Dyke, Ph.D., PCC

For more than 25 years Pam has been helping individuals, teams, groups, and organizations define and reach their goals.  Using evidence-based coaching methodologies, she works across multiple industries face to face and virtually.  Pam’s diverse background in behavioral health, fortune 500 companies, and academia, provides her with a unique and rich blend to understand the complexities and dynamics of organizational life.

In addition to providing consulting and coaching services Pam is the Founder and CEO of Team and Group Coach Academy which launched February 2017 to provide ICF continuing education and certification.

A life-long learner, Pam has obtained multiple certifications and 6 degrees, a Bachelors in Sociology, Masters in Counseling Psychology, Education, Management and Organizational Development.  Her Ph.D. is in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University.  Pam is a member of and, holds a coaching credential from International Coaching Federation and has served on the board of the North Texas Chapter.  Pam is the author of Virtual Group Coaching:  A Research Study, Peer, Team and Group Coaching:  An Introduction to More-Than-One-Coaching (2021) and a contributing author to The Practitioners Handbook on Team Coaching.

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Topic description:

There is power in groups.  Whether large or small, teams and groups can create a great environment for collective wisdom and knowledge to occur and transfer among members.  In both team and group coaching, the group is used as the vehicle to accomplish self-awareness and effectiveness within the individual.

Participants will experience (based upon empirical research conducted by the speaker), what is involved in team and group coaching by being introduced to the PERFORM™ and PROGRESS™ models which were developed by Dr. Van Dyke in concert with her research.  From these models, Dr. Van Dyke will highlight the similarities and distinctions between team and group coaching.This presentation will support participants willing to learn a new intervention that can be leveraged in their practice.

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