Daniel Kalvig 

Daniel Kalvig is a multidisciplinary entrepreneur, educator, and coach, focusing on student empowerment and the development of human potential. Having worked in a variety of industries including education, finance, politics, culinary, construction, and disaster cleanup, he brings a diverse set of life skills to his interpersonal work. 

Daniel’s journey in lifelong learning and servant leadership began in kindergarten when he was explicitly tasked with teaching his fellow students. His entrepreneurial activism and student empowerment were fostered throughout his K-12 experiences. At the University of Miami, Daniel held several leadership positions in political activism organizations, hosted nationally-renowned political speakers and events, and initiated a Student Government advocacy program and position to formally represent student organizations. 

At Fielding Graduate University, Daniel is involved in several initiatives establishing and supporting student services, student success, and community-building. Daniel’s doctoral studies are centered on counter-hegemonic agency in Higher Education, including systemic and transformational coaching with young-adult leaders. Many of his ideas and proposals have been, and continue to be implemented at Fielding.