Kathryn Bell 

Kathy is a graduate of the University of British Columbia (English, Applied Linguistics), the University of Toronto (Curriculum/Modern Language Education), and Toronto Metropolitan University (Gerontology). She recently received an M.A. in Human Development as part of her doctoral journey at Fielding, where she is doing a PhD in the Creative Longevity and Wisdom concentration. She is pleased to have as mentor and committee chair Dr. Connie Corley. 

Most of Kathy’s career was spent in teaching English as a Second language at the college/university level. At Douglas College in British Columbia, she developed and taught a special language and cultural program for Internationally-Trained Professionals. This effort was to address the lack of appropriate courses for highly skilled immigrants wanting to re-certify and work in Canada as doctors, engineers, nurses, etc. She served as a member of the Tri-Cities Welcoming and Inclusive Communities committee, and is the author of Writing from the Heart, a creative writing textbook for English language learners, and From Classroom to Community, a book for retired teachers wanting to engage with seniors in their communities. 

Kathy has a keen interest in visual arts and has been an arts council board member with a focus on encouraging immigrant artists. She is currently a district executive member of the Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTOERO). Her research interest is in understanding more about the nature of wisdom and Elderhood, from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives, in order to learn how Elders can benefit from life review, self-reflection, and intergenerational dialogue.