Dedicated and Distinguished

Fielding faculty offer a depth of scholarship and practice in psychology and leadership studies, across many disciplines. For more than 40 years, our dedicated and distinguished faculty has delivered learner-centered graduate education that enables students and alumni to lead and influence positive change for individuals, communities, and organizations.

The faculty-student relationship is the heart of any institution of higher learning, and especially at Fielding, where our world-class faculty uses its extensive scholarship and real-world experiences to create dynamic learning spaces. Our faculty expand knowledge through cross-program collaboration.

Faculty Spotlight

Four Arrows A.k.a. Don Trent Jacobs, PhD

Four Arrows is on faculty in the EdD in Leadership for Change program. He has authored more than 100 articles and 18 books.


Senate Leadership Committee

Fielding’s Academic Senate is led by the Senate Leadership Committee (SLC). The SLC is comprised of appointed faculty from each school and ex-officio academic administrators (Provost, Dean for Academic Affairs, Dean for Student Development, and Program Directors). The SLC is led by two faculty co-chairs, representing the different schools. Collectively, and collaboratively, the SLC and Senate faculty serve as the principal policy-makers for the academic functions of the University.