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Evidence Based Coaching (EBC) Thought Leaders Webinar:  Catching the Feeling: The Effects of Individual Emotion on Team Synergy

Was held on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 4 – 5pm Pacific

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Speaker:  Claire Read, CCP, PhD,

As organizations move increasingly away from traditional hierarchy and adopt a team orientation, the function of teams is gaining importance at a very rapid rate. For example, the importance of team coaching has come to the forefront in organizational transformation and team coaches are highly sought. The emotional lives of teams, their shared social processes, affect how work gets done. Much inquiry has been made into the impact of the team on the individual member and, while its importance has been established, much less focus has been directed toward the impact of the individual’s emotions on the team. In this presentation I will explore the course of the individual’s affective process as unconscious, maladaptive mental patterns are triggered by events, release emotion, and generate behavior. I conclude with a consideration of the impact of emotion contagion (the transfer of emotion among and between group members) and the ensuing behavioral entrainment this causes within the team affecting collaboration, morale, and rapport.

Watch the YouTube video at

Bio of Claire Read, CCP, PhD,

Dr. Claire Read is an organizational behavior consultant and certified coach professional who works with teams and their leaders to develop emotional agility, psychological flexibility, and prosocial behavioral skills.  She has coached and mentored more than 300 leaders and teams in international agencies in the U.S. and overseas. Dr. Read’s career spans several decades working with teams and individuals in government agencies and private sector entities. Her passion addresses building strong team dynamics from the outset, providing consultation and training in ways to address contagious, negative emotions and behaviors that may appear within the team environment. Her preferred method for mitigating team stress is the Prosocial Process for team self-governance in which she provides consultation, coaching, and training.

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