Disability Services

Fielding is proud to support students with disabilities with the academic accommodations, and we promote an environment in which the diversity and variety of human experiences are respected and appreciated.

Student Accounts

The student account services staff supports the accounting and administration of students’ financial activities, including the monthly payment plan, sponsored billing, and direct deposit of refunds.

Library Services

Teaching students to become skilled in finding and reviewing scholarly information is central to our library’s mission. We provide access to an outstanding collection with breadth and depth unusual at a university of our size.

Office of the Registrar

Student self-service is a top priority so that you can complete your transactions online with the office of the registrar at any time, and receive accurate and timely information about your educational process.

Student Advising

As a student at Fielding, you may need advice in order to continue progressing smoothly through your program. Your administrative resource for answering questions about your academic progress in your program is the advising office.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

If you need funding to help cover your educational expenses, the financial aid staff are available to provide information about financial aid and scholarship resources and support in obtaining those resources.

Information Technology Services

Most student resources are offered online so that you can access the information you need whenever you might need it.  The information technology team provides support for you, if needed, while you are using those resources.