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Beginning October 10, Fielding will launch a new Fielding Facebook group.

The new group aims to unite everyone who has been on the Fielding Alumni Network Facebook group – which will be sunsetted – and everyone who has been on the original Fielding Facebook group, creating a more robust and cohesive place for staff, students, alumni, faculty and trustees to see announcements, share their own news, engage in dialogue about things going on in the world.

If you’re a member of the original Fielding Facebook group or the Fielding Alumni Network Facebook group, we invite you to move over and join us at this new group. JOIN US THERE NOW!

Just request membership and if you’re a student, alum, trustee, faculty or staff member, you’ll be admitted!

If you’re not yet connected with Fielding on social media, we hope you’ll take this opportunity to join the fun as we launch this new group. In a distributed environment like ours, these platforms afford us a terrific no-pressure way to see all of the inspiring things that our community is doing in the world – presenting at conferences, publishing books, winning awards, getting promotions… having children and grandchildren! We also welcome you to join the Fielding LinkedIn group if you’d like to connect there.

NOTE: The original Facebook group, soon to be the “old Facebook group” is not being deleted — but the reins will be handed back to an alum who created the group 13 years ago as a way for students to keep in touch and share scholarly interests. It will return to that incarnation and it will not be managed, populated or branded by the university.

We hope to see all Fielding community members on the new group soon!

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