If you have completed a master’s or certificate program at Fielding, or if you have completed coursework at a school that has an agreement with Fielding, you may be eligible for reduced degree requirements, transfer credit, or waivers of coursework. If you have completed graduate-level work at an accredited institution within the last eight (8) years*, and your prior program does not already have an established articulation agreement with Fielding, you can request to transfer some of that prior credit directly into your Fielding program under certain conditions:

  • Courses must be taken within the past eight (8) years from a regionally accredited institution or an equivalent international degree
  • Grades in the courses must be B or better
  • Plus, other program specific criteria must be met
  • Transfer credit is not guaranteed and may not be awarded retroactively once you are a student

*Applies to PhD HD and ODC. For all other programs, eligible coursework must be completed within the last five years.

Request to Transfer Credit to Fielding

  1. Read your program’s specific transfer credit policy in our Transfer and Articulation Handbook. Each program’s policy details how many credits and which Fielding courses are eligible for transfer credit. Not all programs allow an eight (8) year age limit on prior courses, and their policy will specify if the course age limit is less.
  2. Read your program’s course descriptions in the University Catalog. You will use them to match your previous course(s) to the relevant Fielding courses.  The following Fielding programs offer the possibility of transfer credit:
    • EdD, Leadership for Change, up to 20 transfer credits
    • PhD, Clinical Psychology, up to 12 transfer credits
    • PhD, Human Development, up to 20-40 transfer credits, see policy in handbook for details
    • PhD, Organizational Change and Development, up to 20-40 transfer credits, see policy in handbook for details
    • PhD, Infant and Early Childhood Development, up to 20 transfer credits
    • PhD, Media Psychology, up to 20 transfer credits
    • Respecialization in Clinical Psychology post-doctoral certificate, up to 12 transfer credits
  3. Take note of the credit units for a Fielding course. Most Fielding courses are worth 4 semester credits. This means that if your courses at prior institutions were worth less, you may need to apply multiple previous courses to achieve transfer credit for one Fielding course.
  4. Complete one transfer credit request form per each Fielding course, listing the previous courses, credit hours, grade, completion date, and general course content.
  5. Ensure your original transcripts for all courses submitted have been received by Fielding. If your transcripts are from an institution outside of the US, you will need to provide a detailed evaluation. Syllabi/reading lists are required for each external course submitted for review.

The Registrar’s Office will notify you by email of transfer credit granted, usually around the time of acceptance.