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Reality TV and the Dark Triad


BY PAM RUTLEDGE, PHD Doctoral faculty, Media Psychology APRIL 3, 2021 Reality shows thrive on drama created by those who manipulate and deceive. SUMMARY Dark Triad personality traits including entitlement, deception, lack of empathy, and manipulation are common among reality TV characters. Dark Triad traits are also associated with con artists. On realiy shows, manipulation and self-interest attract viewers because conflict activates emotion and drama. Brands should be cautious about who they choose to represent them. Dark Triad traits may increase ratings, but they can damage a brand's image. Jen Shah of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, isn’t the [...]

Reality TV and the Dark Triad2021-04-03T10:01:39-07:00

The Fragility of Social Media Fame


BY PAM RUTLEDGE, PHD Doctoral faculty, Media Psychology March 30, 2021 What Goes Up, Can Come Crashing Down. Many successful people will tell you that fame is illusory at best.  That doesn’t make wealth, privilege and adoration look less fun from the outside. Social media fame is particularly alluring when we hear stories of ‘overnight’ success and the economics of monetizing millions of followers based on personality, chutzpah, and the ability to attract attention are the critical talents, not years of studying Method Acting or busking on street corners.  Fame can come quickly as memes spread and followers, like moths to a flame, go with what [...]

The Fragility of Social Media Fame2021-03-31T11:21:03-07:00

Dr. John Battaglia joins the Evidence-Based Coaching Program


Welcome Dr. John Battaglia Leadership and Executive coaching, Organizational Designer and Developer, Strategist, and Educator Dr. John Battaglia John is an entrepreneurial leader with over 30 years of leadership experience involving business, government, education, nonprofit organizations, and the Church that enable him to offer rich resources for students, emerging leaders, and executive leaders, and to create environments for leaders to become the persons they’ve always wanted to be. John’s passion is to inspire people to reach their potential and fulfill their destiny. His leadership and organizational coaching include domestic and international clients in various sectors of culture. John also [...]

Dr. John Battaglia joins the Evidence-Based Coaching Program2021-02-01T11:41:01-08:00

Fielding Graduate University and Profectum™ Enter New Articulation Agreement


Fielding Graduate University and Profectum™ enter reciprocal agreement in "developmental, individual differences, relationship based" training and research.   BY JULIA McHUGH, APR SEP 8, 2020 Two organizations offering education and advanced training have signed an articulation agreement to collaborate and expand the outreach of both clinical practice as well as research.  This agreement is the beginning of a relationship that aims to benefit practitioners and families interested in fostering a developmental approach to children with neurodiversity and their families. University Graduate Program and Clinical Training Program Jointly Expand on Opportunities for Research, Education, and Practice Furthers Developmental Theory, Assessment, and Intervention Serving [...]

Fielding Graduate University and Profectum™ Enter New Articulation Agreement2020-09-08T11:53:09-07:00
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