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Meet Fielding Graduate University’s new Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Dr. Allison Davis-White Eyes


Dr. Allison Davis-White Eyes, Ph.D., brings over 30 years of experience in higher education leading change in diversity, equity inclusion, access, and policy. Her efforts are best exemplified through her work at both University of Oregon (UO) and Oregon State University (OSU) that focused on strategic organizational change, community building, inter-departmental collaboration, interdisciplinary teaching and research, international partnerships, Indigenous policy, academic partnerships, and student development (both graduate and undergraduate). As the former Director of Community Diversity Relations within the President’s Office of Institutional Diversity, and as an Asst. Vice Provost of Student Affairs and Diversity, Dr. Davis-White Eyes led several [...]

Meet Fielding Graduate University’s new Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Dr. Allison Davis-White Eyes2021-08-29T23:41:13-07:00

Dr. Chad S. Hamill joins Fielding Board of Trustees


Chad S. Hamill, PhD, served as Vice President for Native American Initiatives at Northern Arizona University, where he maintains a faculty position in the Department of Applied Indigenous Studies. Tasked with advancing NAU’s strategic goal to become the nation’s leading university serving Native Americans, Dr. Hamill established the Office of Native American Initiatives (ONAI) in 2016. With an emphasis on expanding educational opportunities for Native American students and their communities, ONAI has developed programs in the areas of tribal leadership, environmental stewardship, culturally-responsive K12 pedagogy, and Native mentorship. In addition to working in collaboration with many of the 22 Native [...]

Dr. Chad S. Hamill joins Fielding Board of Trustees2021-08-29T22:45:24-07:00

The Alien Invasion is Finally Here. And It’s Invisible.


BY JEAN-PIERRE ISBOUTS, DLITT For decades, Hollywood films fantasized what it would be like if the world was suddenly confronted with an alien invasion. From Robert Wise’s “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1951) to Steven Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds” (2005), these movies showed us the unimaginable devastation that would follow in the wake of these alien beings. The main plot of such films invariably revolved around a single question: What would be our response? What would happen if our planet was suddenly confronted by this great menace, superseding our borders, ideologies, race, or creed? The answer: At long last, [...]

The Alien Invasion is Finally Here. And It’s Invisible.2020-04-14T15:11:35-07:00

Dr. Kate McAlpine Receives Kipnes Fund Grant


  Dr. Kate McAlpine, who earned her PhD from Fielding in 2015, was selected in March 2020 to be the third recipient of the Dianne Kipnes Fund for Social Innovation grant. Dr. Charles McClintock, Director of the Institute for Social Innovation, which administers the grant, described Kate’s project as “a highly collaborative innovation for the betterment of children in Africa.” President Katrina S. Rogers adds, “Dr. McAlpine’s work embodies the purpose of the Kipnes Award for Social Innovation, which is to support research that advances social justice and aligns with the mission of Fielding’s Institute for Social Innovation.” Kate has dedicated [...]

Dr. Kate McAlpine Receives Kipnes Fund Grant2020-04-08T19:03:02-07:00
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