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Speaker:  Milly Mocodean, PhD, Founder, LevitekSolutions Inc. –

Hosted by Terry H. Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCEC, Director of Evidence Based Coaching, Fielding Graduate University

Was held on June 5, 2019, 4pm – 5pm Pacific

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A key competency required in effective coaching is facilitating learning and results. As the Coaching relationship develops, both coach and coachee engage in learning more about themselves and each other.

Among the central issues debated in the executive coaching literature are how effectiveness should be defined; how it can be measured; identifying the important competencies and areas of knowledge (including self-knowledge) that a coach needs in order to effectively promote development in their clients. These questions, and many others surrounding the coaching movement, can best be addressed through the deployment of theory and research in addition to the more anecdotal insights of practice.

In this webinar, I present research that I conducted on this topic and argue that theories of learning can provide a rich foundation for understanding the professional development of coaches. Metacognition and the impact of learning strategies on achievement (which is in alignment with the core outcome of coaching) are explored, as well as the impact of training on professional practice and its contribution to understanding whether cognitive awareness acquired through training can impact the way professionals approach their practice..

Bio of Milly Mocodean, PhD

Milly is a Senior Organizational Effectiveness Leader with over 20 years’ experience in Executive Coaching and Organizational Effectiveness. Milly has partnered with clients across the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Africa in a variety of roles spanning organizational effectiveness, organizational design, primary and secondary research, strategy, talent management and large-scale organizational change.

Milly has also garnered an impressive record of accomplishments in both scholarship and practice. Her uncanny ability as a synthesizer between knowledge and practice comes from lifelong scholarship and in-depth practical experience. As a keen researcher with a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems, her work has been published in several Organizational Development ISBN books as well as the International Journal of Knowledge Sciences.

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