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By Guest Blogger:  Mike Alexander Abravanel, PhD

While completing my doctoral research focused on coaching presence, I was often asked, “So what is coaching presence?” Deep breath . . . I often found my response to this question unsatisfactory for others and myself. In these moments, I wondered how do I explain a multi-dimensional concept that is so essential to the coaching relationship, and yet illusive to capture in words.

Finally, after 8 years of immersion on the subject and interviewing 16 experienced coaches, the metaphor of the blossoming lotus as a representation of coaching presence emerged. This metaphor provides a symbolic and poetic way of understanding coaching presence during a coaching session. The lotus flower of coaching presence is multi-petalled, in full bloom, with a stem for support (portrayed with the six coaching-presence themes or dimensions from my research).

The blossoming lotus of coaching presence is an evidence-based model. It allows for an intuitive and holistic understanding of coaching presence. So when asked today: “What is coaching presence?” I smile and share simply that coaching presence is like a blossoming lotus.

You are invited to hear more about Dr. Abravanel’s research in an upcoming Webinar:

EBC Thought Leaders Webinar:  The Blossoming of Coaching PresenceGuest Speaker:  Mike Alexander Abravanel, PhD, PPCC
Hosted by Terry H. Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCEC
Held on Wednesday, January 16 – 4pm – 5pm Pacific

Watch now on YouTube at

Coaching presence is an essential competency to foster the coaching relationship. Join Dr. Mike Alexander Abravanel as he shares, grounded in his research, a blossoming lotus metaphorical representation of coaching presence. He will also discuss concrete practices experienced coaches use to cultivate coaching presence.


Mike Alexander Abravanel is a personal and professional coach, a published author, and a lecturer/facilitator. He completed his PhD in coaching at Concordia University, focusing on coaching presence. Teaching university courses on interpersonal communication, as well as intervention in small groups, allowed him to deepen his understanding of healthy relationships. As a recovery coach, he facilitates inner growth and healing at an addiction rehabilitation center. Website:


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