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Cory Logston, Ph.D. candidate

Ph.D. candidate in media psychology, Cory Logston is dedicated to leveraging virtual reality (VR) technology for social good to induce empathy and reduce implicit racial bias. Cory’s VR project centers around the iconic civil rights figure Rosa Parks and has garnered significant attention. The VR experience transports users into history, providing an immersive experience that enables individuals to witness and understand the pivotal moment when Parks refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama 1955. Cory recently received endorsement from Rosa Parks’ family, adding authenticity and reverence to the project.

“Having the support and endorsement of Rosa Parks’ family is an immense honor and responsibility. Their trust in this project underscores the importance of preserving and sharing the legacy of Rosa Parks in innovative ways.” — Cory Logston

With a deep commitment to leveraging technology for social good, Cory is dedicated to creating immersive experiences that foster understanding, compassion, and positive social change.

“This dissertation research touches upon what makes our Fielding model unique. Our Media Psychology students apply theory and technology within the context of pressing societal issues. Cory’s dissertation is exemplary in demonstrating the power of our scholar-practitioner model.”  — Regina Tuma, Dissertion Chair and Faculty in Media Psychology

About Cory Logston

With over two decades dedicated to set design and art direction in commercial production, Cory returned to academia, pursuing a Ph.D. in media psychology at Fielding Graduate University. Her passion lies in harnessing media for pro-social transformation, drawing from her diverse expertise in both commercial ventures and psychology. Cory channels her passion into founding Immersive Reality for Education and Research, a nonprofit organization poised to leverage her unique blend of skills for impactful social and educational initiatives.

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