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The Adele and Louis Osherson Fellow awarded to Karen John Mannuzza

The Osherson Fellowship was established by retired Fielding faculty and the past Director of the Alonso Center, Sam Osherson, and his brother Dan Osherson in memory of their parents. The fellowship provides a week of study at Fielding’s Winter National Session in Santa Barbara for professionals without a background in psychoanalysis. The purpose of the fellowship is to build an understanding of how psychoanalytic theory and research can support their work.

Karen John Mannuzza

The year the fellowship was awarded to Karen John Mannuzza. Karen is a licensed psychotherapist, currently working in North Carolina as a counselor to healthcare employees. She helps to ensure that her organization’s employees “live and work well.” Karen applied for the award with hopes that she would come back to North Carolina with the skills to further support people as they work through conflict.

See below, as Karen reflects on her experience in Santa Barbara.

What motivated you to apply for the Osherson Fellowship?

I am interested in psychodynamic theory as well as an opportunity to explore Fielding Graduate University, and the possibility of completing a PhD.

Can you share a highlight form your experience at Fielding’s National Session?

I appreciated an opportunity to participate in Dr. Ruthellen Josselson’s Group Therapy class. This two-day session included helpful didactic segments but largely allowed the group process to unfold as the class became the group. I was left with insights that will help me an individual, interpersonally, and as a member of the many groups to which I belong. I am still uncovering some of the benefits of the session as I reflect on and process the experience.

How did the knowledge and experience you gained at Fielding will impact your work?

I returned to work with a renewed commitment to supporting the individuals and groups with whom I interact. In the month since I returned from the session in Santa Barbara, I continue to mine my experience and am identifying ways to incorporate what I have learned into what I do. I attended a workshop offered by the Infant and Early Childhood Development (IECD) Program titled, Tools and Techniques for Culturally “Woke” Relationship-based Practice. As a result of this session, I have more creative and expansive means to assess individuals and groups. Some of my plans include an upcoming discussion group with my colleagues and training sessions for groups with whom I work.

About the Author: Elena Nicklasson

Elena Ilina Nicklasson, MA, is an international practitioner with a career in the social justice movement. She is a Metamorphosis Maven mastering modern organizational evolution, coach, and an advancement professional. She has produced dozens of conferences, educational events, media projects, and international dialogues on peace and social justice. Elena has served as Director of Development at Fielding Graduate University since 2017. She is Vice President of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Santa Barbara-Ventura Chapter. Elena holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Beloit College and a master’s degree in organizational development and change from Fielding Graduate University. She is a doctoral student in the School of Leadership Studies at Fielding. Her research focuses on ecopreneurs and paradoxes of sustainability. 

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