The tuition and fee schedules below are for the 2020-2021 academic year effective as of Fall Term 2020 (September 2020). Tuition and fees are subject to annual revision, announced each Summer Term for the Fall Term. Further details about tuition may be found in the University Catalog.

Tuition by Program

Fielding’s programs are year-round, and the academic year is three terms.



Doctoral Degrees

PhD in Clinical Psychology $9,700/term
PhD in Media Psychology $9,700/term
PhD in Organizational Development and Change $9,700/term
PhD in Human and Organizational Systems $9,700/term
PhD in Human Development $9,700/term
PhD in Infant and Early Childhood Development $8,870/term
EdD in Leadership for Change $8,870/term

Master’s Degrees

Digital Teaching and Learning $3,500/term
Media Psychology $610/credit
Organizational Development & Leadership $720/credit

Graduate Certificate

 Clinical Psychology (post-baccalaureate) $720/credit
Comprehensive Evidence Based Coaching
Skills Training Course



Evidence Based Coaching for Organization Leadership

Skills Training Course



Media Psychology $610/credit
Organizational Consulting $720/credit
Organizational Development and Leadership $720/credit

Neuropsychology Specialization Training Program

Consultation Fee



Reflective Practice/Supervision $610/credit
Respecialization Clinical Psychology (postdoctoral) $929/credit with a maximum amount of $9,290/term in the first academic year

Online Professional Development

6 week course $1,560
8 week course $1,920
12 week course $2,880
PhD Courses $929/credit
World Cafe

Materials Fee



Fee Schedule

 General Fees

Fee Name


More Information

 Application Fee $75 Non-refundable application fee
Deferred Enrollment Deposit $200  Non-refundable
Late Registration Fee $150  Tuition per credit/courses only
Re-enrollment Application Fee $100 Non-refundable
Replacement ID Card $10 Non-refundable
Student Governance Fee $20 Due annually, Spring term, Clinical and Media students only

Transcript Fees

Electronic PDF delivery

Paper Transcript, pick-up at Fielding (no delivery)

Paper transcript, regular postal mail

Paper transcript, rush/expedited delivery









Per email address

Per copy


Per destination/address

Per destination/address


Program Fees

Neuropsychology Consultation Fee $1850/term For Neuropsychology certificate students
Preliminary Administrative Services Credential $450/term For Education Administration certificate students
World Cafe Materials $50 Per course

Doctoral Session Attendance Fees

Student $295 Late fee $100 additional
Student attending for Dissertation Committee meeting only $125  Late fee $100 additional
Student attending for Final Oral Review or Graduation Ceremony only No charge Late fee $100 additional
Student Spouse/Significant Other $295 Late Fee $100 additional
Alumni or Alumni Spouse/Significant Other $150 Late Fee $150 additional

Finance Fees

Convenience/Service Fee: Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express 2.0% Per transaction
Finance Charge .833% Charged when a payment is not received by due date
Late Payment Penalty Fee $100 Assessed on past due balance
Monthly Payment Plan $50 Setup fee; second time decline $25
Returned Checks $25 Charged when payment is not honored by the bank
Wire Transfer Fee $25 International students only. FGU does not wire funds to a domestic bank.


Cost of Attendance for Financial Aid

The cost of attendance (COA) budget is used to calculate need eligibility for certain scholarship funds, and it provides a cap for maximum financial aid (including loans, scholarships, and external funding) within one academic year. It is not the amount that will be billed to you, as it includes tuition along with estimates for the indirect cost categories shown below. Your actual COA, including any applicable loan fees, will be calculated and shown in your Award Letter after you request financial aid.  The financial aid year is a three-term year that is based on the term in which borrowing begins.

Estimated Costs for Books, Supplies, Transportation, Room, Board, Personal Expenses

Significant cost increases due to individual circumstances, such as disabilities, dependent care, or computer purchase may be appealed on an individual basis.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for the COA appeal request form.

Books/Supplies – Doctoral $500/term
Books/Supplies – Master’s & Certificates $25/credit
Room, Board, and Personal Expenses $1,946/month
Transportation – Clinical Doctoral & Respecialization Certificate $3,600/year
Transportation – All Other Doctoral $2,400/year
Transportation – MA in Org Development & Leadership $1,050/year
Transportation – Evidence Based Coaching Certificates $2,400/program
Transportation – Neuropsychology Certificate $40/month