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Greetings! Thank you for considering a gift to Fielding.

Elena NicklassonMy name is Elena Nicklasson, and I serve as Fielding’s Director of Development. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the donor community and support you and your family giving decision-making and experience. Your contributions reflect your love for Fielding and your willingness to invest in its students and the mission of the university. Are students are researching areas in environmental sustainability, social justice, and policy reform, to name just a few.

Do you want social change and to make a difference? Please donate. Use this page to find the cause you wish to support at Fielding. Choose the giving option that works best for you: online donation, monthly giving program, by check, via bank transfer, stock, or a planned gift.

The Office of Development team is here to help you identify the gift that works best for you. Please reach out with any questions or feedback you might have via or 805.898.2926.
Every gift counts. We appreciate you!


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Make Your Impact at Fielding

DONATION PORTAL: School of Psychology
School of Psychology Scholarships
DONATION PORTAL: School of Leadership Studies
School of Leadership Studies Scholarships
Dolores Bunnell photo with children

Dolores Bunnell Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial assistance to new doctoral students who plan to study, research, and/or work in the area of infant and/or early childhood education (0-6 years old).

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Advancement Scholarship

The Board of Trustees founded the Advancement Scholarship because they recognized the need for resources to be available to students when other funding is not accessible. Click here to make a gift today so we can support students who need it the most.

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Ruthellen Josselson Chair for Qualitative Inquiry Fund

This is a distinctive opportunity to honor Dr. Josselson for her many contributions. The Fund will support faculty research, honoring and promoting Dr. Josselson’s legacy, and affirming the importance and impact of qualitative inquiry in psychology. Dr. Josselson will match it 1:1. For online contributions, click here.

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The Infant & Early Childhood Development Program Fund

This fund supports the program’s operations and services to students. When you make a gift today, you can receive a program-branded water bottle and/or a fleece jacket. For online contributions, click here.

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The Tiner-Witt Educational Advancement Scholarship

The scholarship honors Dr. Kathy Tiner and Dr. Judy Witt, long-time academic leaders and faculty members of our EdD program. It will support students enrolled in the EdD program. When making a gift, you have an option to order a Fielding-branded fleece or write a dedication on Fielding’s Virtual Tribute Board. For online contributions, click here.

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Judy Stevens-Long

Judy Stevens-Long Scholarship

Judy Stevens-Long Scholarship honors Faculty Emerita Dr. Stevens-Long. It supports outstanding doctoral students in Fielding’s School of Leadership Studies conducting dissertation research focused on organizational diversity and change.

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University-Wide Funds

  • Advancement Scholarship is a needs-based student award established by the Board of Trustees.
  • Annual Fund supports student and faculty research as well as university operations.
  • Alumni Association Fund supports services to our alumni and networking and learning opportunities for everyone at the university.
  • Dr. Dianne Kipnes Library Fund supports the annual operations of our virtual library.
  • Chair of the Board Scholarship is the annual scholarship, supporting degree students who are current members of their program’s student governance team.
  • Ethnic Minority Dissertation Scholarship: an annual award for doctoral students who have completed a dissertation draft on a topic related to historically underrepresented groups.
  • Frederic M. Hudson Endowed Scholarship: a scholarship in honor of Dr. Hudson’s vision for Fielding, and in support of a doctoral student conducting research in the area of coaching.
  • Institute for Social Innovation: a university institute, supporting faculty, students, and alumni research, training, and organizational consulting opportunities.
  • LaNelle & Dennis Ford Endowed Scholarship: a scholarship supporting a professional woman from Texas who is pursuing a doctoral degree from Fielding.
  • Libby Douvan Alumni Award: an award that supports alumni research on an annual basis.
  • Margaret Rudolf Endowed International Scholarship: a scholarship for new and/or continuing international students.
  • Marie Fielder Center for Democracy, Leadership & Education: a research center with a mission to encourage research that addresses today’s educational and social problems.
  • Michael & Jinny Goldstein Endowed Board Scholarship: supports dissertation research advancing social justice.
  • Nancy Wermuth Frankie Memorial Alumni Award supports recent graduates and their research in the area of health and health education.
  • President Katrina S. Rogers Faculty Research Fund funds annual faculty research grants.
  • President Discretionary Fund provides funds for projects and innovative opportunities at the university.
  • Provost Discretionary Fund provides funds for academic work at the university.
  • Price-Mitchell Endowed Fund supports students and faculty that are engaged in research on a topic that furthers our understanding of K-12 positive youth development and/or K-12 positive education.
  • The McClintock-Wilburn Family Fund in Leadership supports dissertation research in the area of socially just leadership.
  • Wagenheim Endowed Scholarship for International Students a scholarship for new and/or continuing international students.
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