Fielding’s Somatics, Phenomenology, and Communicative Leadership (SPCL) community of practice held a Forum on Ukraine on March 25, 2022. The SPCL community of practice is a scholar-practitioner learning and collaborative virtual space hosted by Fielding core faculty Dr. Valerie Bentz and alum Dr. Bart Buechner.

The Forum’s guests included Krzysztof Konecki, Professor of Sociology and Business Management, Malgorzata Burchard-Dziubinska, Professor of Economics, and Doctoral student Dagmara Tiarsiuk of University of Lodz, Poland. Alum Tetyana Azarova, PhD, originally from Ukraine,  now living in Montenegro, and Fielding doctoral student Elena Akhmetova from Russia, living now in San Francisco, also participated in the discussion.

Our Polish colleagues were co-researchers with Fielding alumni and students, resulting in DeGruyter Press’s book, Deathworlds to Lifeworlds: Collaboration with Strangers for Personal, Social, and Ecological Transformation (2021). The panel addressed the devastating impact of recent events in Eastern Europe.

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