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Level 2 Accreditation LogoFielding Graduate University celebrates receiving Level 2 accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Fielding is committed to excellence with evidenced-based coaching (EBC) and provides 150 hours of coach-specific education. Graduates in the EBC program develop a coaching identity incorporating theoretical underpinnings blended with skill building based on the ICF core competencies. 

As the world continues to grow more complex, leaders and professionals need evidence-based coaches who take a comprehensive approach to their work. There is no one formula, tool, or model that will serve every client. EBC coaches incorporate multiple ways of knowing and being, assuming their clients are capable, resourceful, and whole. Learners at Fielding spend time deconstructing their assumptions, beliefs, and values to be in service first to themselves and then to others. Students in the program practice and learn in a synchronous cohort focusing on competencies, systems, justice, and culturally responsive language.

Our program attracts veterans, attorneys, physicians, educators, trainers, HR, OD, and those interested in serving in all aspects of business, society, and government. Not every graduate becomes a private practice coach, and we welcome those who incorporate the learning of evidence-based coaching back into the classroom, courtroom, places of medicine, and professional settings in private and public workplaces. 

Hear What Our Graduates Have to Say

“My journey through the EBC Program has been a powerful, transformational experience. I have acquired and integrated evidence-based coaching knowledge on the level of mind, body, and spirit. I have developed skills which unlock awareness and agency in both myself and others. I have discovered new purpose, meaning, and direction in life through coaching, through a process of unfolding awareness and potential.

I am moving on from the EBC Program with broad and deep knowledge of evidence-based coaching developed through lived experience in relationship with my peers, colleagues, and the faculty at Fielding, as well as through my coach-client relationships.”

— Emily Peck

“I am so glad that I listened to all of the wonderful things I heard about the Fielding EBC program and enrolled. My life has been forever changed by the program, faculty, peers, and experiences. Fielding was the missing piece to my coaching puzzle, and I will use all I’ve learned to continue to grow as a coach.”

— Fayth Brice

“The Fielding EBC program provided a range of experiences: academic-focused reading and reflection; hands-on coaching and feedback; peer and cohort faculty conversations. Each experience provided an opportunity for me to absorb perspectives, reflect on my coaching skills, and integrate new ways of thinking into my coaching practice. For me, the hands-on coaching was invaluable for learning “how” to coach while integrating some of the many concepts and theories we explored in our classes.”

— Maura Abernethy.

The EBC program has a rich blend of committed faculty scholar-practitioners who support every learner in the program. To learn more about them or our Level 2 educational program, please visit Evidence Based Coaching Certificate. This important re-accreditation milestone is just one way Fielding Graduate University creates a more just and sustainable world!

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