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What happens in executive coaching sessions to ensure successful goal setting outcomes?

Guest Blogger:  Carol-Anne Minski, PhD, MBA –

Executive coaches help leaders move more from feelings of anxiety to a creative strategic sense of goal-setting.  Coaching encourages the executive to develop new approaches and goals and re-evaluate their impact. Leaders with higher self-efficacy will set higher goals and find better strategies to attain their goals. Self-efficacy is linked to performance through its effect on goals. Outside of academia, self-efficacy is used interchangeably with self-confidence.

My passion has always been to ensure that my coaching sessions lead to successful goal achievement for my clients.  Although goal-setting models exist, descriptions of the various ways that coaches make use of goal-setting in their conversations with clients are not readily available.  In my dissertation research I asked executive coaches what strategies they used to build self-efficacy in relation to positive goal accomplishment in their clients. Some of their answers confirmed strategies that I used in the past and other descriptions lead me to the model of evidence-based strategies that will serve coaches in the future.

The results of this research highlighted evidence-based strategies that coaches use to enhance self-efficacy and positive goal achievement. The core strategies that executive coaches utilize to enhance self-efficacy in order to develop positive goal accomplishment are helping the client gain perspective, acknowledging skills and competencies, reviewing past success, social experiments, and change models. As a result of my research, I was able to develop a coaching model that coaches may use to enhance leaders’ self-efficacy for positive goal accomplishment. This model strengthens the case for evidence-based coaching.

I will share more about this model at the May 15th at the webinar.

EBC Thought Leaders Webinar:  Successful Coaching Outcomes for Leadership Self-Efficacy

Was held on May 15, 2019, 4pm – 5pm Pacific

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With executive coaching, it is generally accepted that goal-setting is a necessary condition for successful coaching. Self-efficacy is linked to performance through its effect on goals. Self-efficacy is the belief that one has the personal capabilities and resources to meet the demands of a specific task and situation.

As a coach, I wondered if coaches should place more emphasis on how to set and monitor goals, or how to enhance clients’ self-efficacy? As a researcher, looking through the lens of social cognitive theory, one point kept surfacing: Self-efficacy is a key casual variable in performance.

This webinar will present the findings and conclusions of my dissertation research and the theory-based strategies that coaches use. We will review the coaching model that I developed and look at applied examples. We will discuss the strategies that you currently are using.

Speaker:  Carol-Anne Minski, PhD, MBA, Founder and President of CMA Leadership ConsultantsHosted by Terry H. Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCEC, Director of Evidence Based Coaching, Fielding Graduate University


Dr. Carol-Anne Minski is founder and president of CMA Leadership Consultants. As coach, facilitator and author, she helps business professionals strengthen the essential skills needed to achieve their goals. Dr. Minski’s research for her doctoral dissertation examined the role that self-confidence plays in goal-setting outcomes. Her leadership programs and coaching services help leaders build their confidence, breakthrough barriers, and focus on business results to increase the bottom line. Dr. Minski combines 25+ years of business experience, case studies, and research with coaches to shed a new light on what it takes to achieve goals.,

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