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Speaker: Beena Sharma

In today’s increasingly complex world, more mature leadership is being called for to truly affect change in measurable and sustainable ways.

As a coach, our role is to support our clients to release unhelpful habits, gain new perspectives, and embody new ways of showing up to navigate challenges with more skill and influence. This is no small task. How do we know which approach, interventions or tools to use with a particular client?

The answer is vertical development. Research over the last four decades has shown that vertical development enables us to comprehend and respond to challenges in more complex and mature ways. It involves a fundamental shift in how we make meaning and fosters a greater ability to handle difficult problems.

The success of your coaching is intimately related to the developmental path of your client, as well as your own. By tailoring your coaching to your client’s ‘level’ of development, you can confidently challenge and support them at their growth edge.

In these complex and uncertain times, vertical development is one of the most powerful lenses you can use to design your coaching interventions and support your clients.

In this session, Beena will provide an overview of the Leadership Maturity Framework and describe a coaching methodology tailored to stages of ego maturity.

About the presenter

Beena Sharma is president of the Vertical Development Academy and an international consultant committed to serving leaders and organizations grow and develop. As a certified MAP scorer, a Master Coach in Leadership Maturity Coaching, a lead facilitator and certifying authority in VeDA’s coach certification program, Beena is an expert in helping organizations design and implement developmentally sophisticated systems. She is also trained at the master level in Polarity Thinking, and integrates this expertise into her coaching and consulting practice. Beena has worked for more than two decades in the area of whole-system, large-scale change, and has completed multiple certifications across a variety of methodologies, such as Holacracy, Clean Language, and Action Learning.

About Fielding Graduate University

Fielding Graduate University is committed to ensuring all coach training textbooks and reading material are relevant for the context in which we coach today. Beena Sharma has contributed two chapters to the edited book, Professional Coaching: Principles and Practice released in 2019. The Evidence Based Coaching program includes this book in its required reading material and we are grateful for the scholars and coach practitioners who continue to make contributions to the field of coaching.

Learn more about the Evidence Based Coaching program at Fielding.

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