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Speaker: Kathy Norwood, EdD, PCC
Date: March 10, 2021
Recorded via Zoom

The greatest gift that we can give to ourselves and to the world around us is the gift of resilience and a coherent heart. People everywhere are struggling with feelings of fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, and disorientation. Yet here and there, we see individuals who meet the most challenging circumstances with inner grace, powerful presence, and optimal functioning. How are they so resilient, and, most important, can we learn to be and do the same? Great news!  Resilience is the product of something we have all had since birth: our biological communication between the heart, the brain, and the rest of the body. Our ability to stay in an inner state of ease and flow throughout the day is determined by our ability to maximize this communication, self-regulate our emotions, stop energy leaks, and renew our energy. Join Dr. Norwood, Fielding Alum, EBC Faculty, as she leads us through an initial step in achieving this communication and shares a mixed-method research study she recently conducted with Early Childhood Leaders in the state of Oregon.

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About the Speaker

Kathy Norwood, EdD, PCC

Kathy is a national educational consultant, professional coach (PCC), and founder of Coaches Evolve. She is a trailblazer in bridging the profession of coaching with educational coaching. She currently teaches for Fielding’s Evidence-Based Coaching Program, provides Leadership Coaching for TNTP, and is certified as a HeartMath® Trainer. Since 1996, Kathy has helped districts implement systemic changes that enhance learning and develop leaders with the capacity to create and sustain their work. Kathy provides evidence-based coaching workshops, guides districts in developing coaching frameworks, and provides coaching to educators.

Dr. Norwood practices and teaches “cutting edge” professional coaching, drawing on her expertise in a wide variety of methodologies and strategies. Together with Dr. Mary Ann Burke, she co-authored Chapter 15, “Chasing the Shadow: Coaching for Equity in Education,” and Chapter 16, “Beautiful Form Watcher: Coaching for Equity in Education,” in Innovations in Leadership Coaching: Research and Practice. Dr. Norwood and Dr. Burke previously co-authored: Transformational Coaching in Education: A Collaborative Look at the Bridges and Barriers to Learning (Dissertation); Chapter 22, “Education” in The Handbook of Knowledge-Based Coaching: From Theory to Practice, San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2011; and several coach training manuals, the most recent titled: Appreciative Leadership & Coaching.

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