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Speaker: Beena Sharma

In this session, Beena will introduce an approach that Coaches can use immediately to facilitate a more integrated and integral development with their clients.


Beena Sharma is the founding president of Vertical Development Academy (VeDA), with a vision to enhance the practice of leadership development using the lens of vertical development theory and measurement. VeDA certifies coaches globally in the art, science and practice of coaching for stage develo

pment. Beena is a global thought leader in the area of vertical development, and a certifying master coach in the practice of Leadership Maturity Coaching. She is

credentialed as a certified assessor of the MAP (Maturity Profile), the most widely researched measure of adult development in the field. Beena is a mastery level graduate in Polarity Thinking, and brings her deep understanding of the dynamics of tensions and their resolution within leaders and large systems, especially with regard to facilitating human maturity. Beena continues to relate various practice fields and their impact on adult development.

Beena has worked for more than two decades in the area of whole-system, large-scale change, and has completed multiple certifications across a variety of methodologies, such as Holacracy, Clean Language, and Action Learning. Fielding Graduate University is committed to ensuring all coach training textbooks and reading material are relevant for the context in which we coach today. Beena Sharma has contributed two chapters to the edited book, Professional Coaching: Principles and Practice released in 2019. The Evidence Based Coaching program includes this book in its required reading material and we are grateful for the scholars and coach practitioners who continue to make contributions to the field of coaching.

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