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higher education in a changing worldToday, higher education is in a state of flux.

Changing dynamics, from accreditation to unsustainable economic models, have forced colleges and universities to examine their fundamental principles while also grappling with the changing needs of the national and globalized workforce, including the shift to online learning. At the same time, the diversification of the American population challenges higher education institutions to serve all its students across racial, ethnic, gender and age boundaries.

Fielding University Press’ publication, Higher Education in a Changing World, aims to provide knowledge and insight for anyone seeking to understand and adapt to the rapid pace of change in the 21st century higher education space.


Edited by Drs. Orlando L. Taylor, Nicole Retland, and Katherine McGraw, Higher Education in a Changing World was written as a guide to an industry in a constant stage of change.

Orlando L. Taylor, Ph.D.

Orlando L. Taylor, Ph.D.

“This book examines many of the currently evolving circumstances impacting higher education — and how institutions are responding to them — in such areas as increased racial and gender diversity, growing reliance on information and educational technologies and the blurring of national borders in delivering higher education,” said Dr. Orlando L. Taylor, Ph.D., co-editor, Distinguished Senior Advisor to the Fielding President, Principal Investigator, and Executive Director of the National Science Foundation-funded Center for the Advancement of STEM Leadership (CASL). “In this changing world, the book seeks to examine the requirements for U.S. higher education institutions to sustain and advance their global leadership.”

Authored by nearly 50 scholars and leaders from across the spectrum of higher education, the book tackles issues, such as the global challenges facing higher education leadership; how institutions can thrive in a competitive environment; the opportunities of international outreach; initiatives to advance greater diversity and equity; the key role played by HBCUs and other special focused institutions; rethinking traditional STEM education; and how to foster transformative experiences for students.

Katherine McGraw

Katherine McGraw, Ph.D.

Higher Education in a Changing World looks at the current moment in higher education’s history through the eyes of a very diverse array of scholars,” said Katherine McGraw, Ph.D., co-editor and Associate Provost for Research and Scholarship at Fielding. “It was very gratifying to be able to bring this group of authors together. While their chapters each open an individual viewpoint on higher education today, together they greatly broaden the picture of where higher education is and where it can and should be going.”

This publication will have an impact on higher education for years to come.

Nicole Retland, Ph.D.

Nicole Retland, Ph.D.

“This book is for those who desire to lead in higher education,” said Nicole Retland, co-editor and CASL’s Director of Operations. “It will guide them in discovering new opportunities and help to inform the building of a more inclusive educational experience. We were very intentional in bringing together a group of leaders in higher education that could not only address the current challenges in academia but also reframe them to move us forward.”

Higher Education in a Changing World is now available in print edition ($34.95), as well as an e-book edition ($9.99) on Amazon and other booksellers. Fielding University Press is the publishing arm of Fielding Graduate University, covering disciplines such as clinical psychology, media psychology, human and organizational development and higher education.


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