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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was many things: an activist, a minister, a great orator, and an icon of the Civil Rights movement – but above all, he was a man of service, and inspired others to be the same.

In his honor, we celebrate the ways in which Fielding students, alumni, faculty, and staff serve their communities, whether local, regional, or global. One great example is Fielding’s grant-funded Social Transformation Projects (STPs), which encourage research that supports social change.

Here are some of the projects:

Enacting Collaborative Leadership in Older Adults and Youth

Participants from across the globe attended the training at Penn State and went on to establish chapters of their own

  • Primary investigator: Theresa Southam, student
  • Establishing a Fielding-affiliated Intergenerational Learning Institute Chapter; program development; community building

A Training Workshop: Implicit Bias Towards Infants & Toddlers With Disability-Related Diagnoses

  • Primary Investigator: Robin Lynn Treptow, PhD, alum
  • Curriculum Development, Multicultural Training, Research, Implicit Bias training

Moving from Invisibility to Visibility: Empowering African-Americans to Become Agents of Change

  • Primary Investigator: Jamel Burroughs & Amanda Armstrong, students
  • Focus group; Interactive psychoeducational discussion (on invisibility syndrome); community project

Building Cultural Understandings

  • Primary investigator: Christina (Tina) Lawrence, student
  • Curriculum Development, Multicultural Training

The Folk School Alliance Community of Practice: Creating Spaces for Social Transformation

Collaboration, networking, song, and story telling at the 1st Folk School Alliance regional meeting

  • Primary investigators: student Dawn Murphy/alum Vicky Eiben, EdD/faculty David Willis, PhD
  • Community building/development/empowerment through Folk Education, Popular Education, and Web 2.0 Community of Practice; Video, audio, and print media production
  • Awarded $200K federal research grant through Corporation for National and Community Services to study folk schools

Bay Area Action Research Collaborative in Clinical Psychology and Leadership Studies

  • Primary investigator: faculty Lauren Mizock, PhD & Margo Okazawa-Rey, EdD
  • Community Engagement; Social Justice; Activism

LGBT+ Mentoring Across Generations

  • Primary investigator: Tom Hayashi, PhD, alum
  • Intergenerational mentoring among men in the LGBTQ community

Peace Building With Young Children

  • Primary Investigator: Joshua Feder, MD, faculty
  • Program Development, Research, Cross-cultural training

Women Developing Women’s Intercultural Leadership and Agency Project – Pt. 2

  • Primary Investigator: Charlyn Green Fareed, PhD, alum
  • Coaching, Group Dynamics, Peer Leadership Coaching and Development, Women’s Development

Diversity Immersion for Social & Economic Transformation

  • Primary Investigator: Susan Gallant, EdD, faculty
  • Diversity training, program development, coaching

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