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A conventional doctoral program delivered in an unconventional way.


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Fielding offers a program that focuses on the application of psychological theories and methods to such real-world settings as communities, business, industry, education, government, and the military.  It applies core knowledge found within social psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, human factors, and research methods/statistics to answer student-inspired practical questions.

Fielding’s doctoral program in Psychology has a unique learning model that employs the best distance learning opportunities. Students will gain expertise by conducting psychology research at the doctoral level after securing a breadth of knowledge in the core fields of psychology, then taking a deep dive into a focal area of interest (e.g., teaching psychology). Graduates are well-suited for academic positions in colleges and universities as well as applied positions in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Graduates who are already clinicians can also apply their doctoral-level thinking and knowledge to improve their clinical practices.

Earning your doctorate in Psychology includes attending live video seminars and conducting research with faculty. Faculty and other students meet annually at professional conferences to present and discuss research. In addition, students have the option to attend School of Psychology in-person academic sessions. The unique distance learning model provides flexible opportunities for individuals with career, family, and community responsibilities to achieve their advanced educational goals. Faculty are active scholars and practitioners with a wide variety of expertise, making it possible to offer training in a variety of specialized concentrations in some of the most exciting growth areas of psychology.

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Online Application Form
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Critical Thinking Writing Sample or Prior Empirical Research Paper (sole/first author)
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Official Transcript
  • No GRE Required

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Distinction from Related Programs

Most psychology doctoral programs require a certain specialization, like clinical or media psychology. This general psychology PhD program does not require a certain specialty, thereby giving students the breadth of psychology knowledge while allowing specialty in an area of interest to the student. This is unique among psychology doctoral programs. In addition, this program can be completed in three years, which is also unique.

Psychology PhD Program is Designed for:

Future University Faculty: this program provides the expertise and degree needed for full-time faculty positions at colleges and universities

o   Teaching of Psychology is an available area of focus

Future Independent Researchers: this program provides the expertise, experience, and degree needed to be an independent researcher in a variety of settings (universities, research institutes, organizations, etc.)

Mental Health Professional: this program provides expertise, skills, and degree needed to apply doctoral-level thinking and research to clinical work

o   Psychotherapy research is an available area of focus

Anyone working in any area that would benefit from expertise in psychology

Anyone wanting to create their own area of focus within psychology

Brain study background for mental health care medical technology
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Fielding’s Psychology Program:

PhD in PsychologyCompleted in 3 Years!No GRE Required!

The Fielding Experience

  • Become a member of a dynamic and diverse community of colleagues
  • Interact with and learn from our expert faculty located all across the country
  • Engage with alumni, faculty, and other students at sessions

Why Choose Fielding for Your Psychology Degree?

A conventional doctoral program delivered in an unconventional way

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