The Fielding community is invited to register for two upcoming Infant and Early Child Development (IECD) conferences.

The 2022 ICDL International DIRFloortime Conference “DIRFloortime: The Practice, the Applications, and the Innovations,” is from October 21-30, 2022. The 10-day conference consists of lectures, case studies, research reviews, and discussions.  Presenters include Fielding Infant and Child Development faculty, Dr. Cindy Puccio, and current IECD student and seasoned DIR professional, Colette Ryan. The conference aims to deepen participants’ understanding of DIRFloortime and to promote development, in particular for individuals on the autism spectrum or with other neurodevelopmental differences and/or disabilities.

Learn more and register for the DIRFloortime Conference.

The 2022 Profectum Fall Conference, “Synchrony and Communities – Situating Identity, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into DIR-Centered Work,” is set for November 11, 2022. The conference’s mission is to reflect on socio-cultural identity as fundamental to the definition of individual difference. Participants and DIR practitioners will learn and reflect on how a child’s relationship to self, others, and the larger world are inseparable from history, culture, and socio-cultural identity.

The conference features Barbara Stroud, Ph.D., who will focus on historical perspectives, developmental significance, and clinical considerations related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Mary Ann O’Connell, current IECD doctoral candidate, is serving on the conference committee. Taiisha Calbert-Foster, current IECD doctoral candidate, will also present at the conference. Calbert-Foster’s presentation will discuss benefits and strategies for teaching elementary and secondary students about implicit bias. The slide presentation will review the definitions of implicit bias and micro aggressions, their negative impact, and why explicit instruction in early and middle grades can promote social emotional learning.

Learn more and register for the Profectum Fall Conference.

Learn more about the Ph.D. in Infant and Early Childhood Development

About the Author: Kaylin Staten

Kaylin R. Staten, APR, MPRCA, is a writer and accredited public relations practitioner based in West Virginia with two decades of professional communications experience. She serves as Fielding’s Associate Director of Communications.

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