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Just in time for the university’s 45th birthday celebration on March 11, Fielding Graduate University has launched a brand refresh with several smart new assets that point to the university’s promising future while acknowledging its cherished past.

“As we celebrate the 45th year of our founding,” said Fielding President Katrina Rogers, “it was time for Fielding to freshen up our look as we continue to fulfill our mission in the 21st century.”

Here are the updated elements, which have already begun rolling out onto university-branded materials and digital spaces:

Vision Statement

We shortened our Vision Statement to make it more concise and memorable, paring it down to the most essential elements:

Educating leaders, scholars, and practitioners for a more just and sustainable world.



The logo is made up of several parts:
The color palette, which remains merlot – a rich and stately academic hue that has long been Fielding’s hallmark shade.

The wordmark or visual treatment of “Fielding Graduate University,” which remains the same – a strong, familiar, and elegant representation of our longstanding institution.

The icon or symbol. We’ve updated the icon to a more modern version: the “Fielding Open Triangle.” It is open to reflect inclusion, and its three sides represent the three pillars of Fielding’s promise:

  • Scholarship, which speaks to the rigor of our academics and research, and quality of our faculty
  • Community, reflecting the global network and connectedness of Fielding students, faculty, alumni, staff, trustees, and other stakeholders
  • Opportunity, which points to the flexibility of our learning model and the possibilities that come with an advanced degree

The Fielding Open Triangle represents:
The open minds of scholarship.
The open arms of community.
And the open doors of opportunity.

Notice the nod to the previous logo, whose outline is suspended within the center of the new one!

The tagline, often appearing with the logo, has been updated and trademarked, as well:
Change the world. Start with yours.  It aligns with Fielding’s mission, vision, and values, an invitation to join our efforts to make an impact on the world as you define it – from transformation within individual minds to change within your organization, community, and planet.



We updated Fielding’s official seal, which you see on our diplomas, the President’s medallion, the Provost’s mace at graduation, and the front of lecterns at Session. It now bears the new icon as well as the three pillars in Latin:

Doctrina, Communitas, Opportunitas.



Look for these new assets on Fielding collateral and at Fielding events going forward!


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