Fielding is the first institution in the Rowan Education Partners network of independent but like-minded institutions that share services to create savings that are reinvested in academic programming to achieve greater global impact.

Fielding gains several important benefits and opportunities to:

1)  improve the student learning experience by having the resources to invest in student support services, academic resources, and technology support.

2) increase the strength of Fielding through marketing and recruitment so that we can invest in our current academic programs, build new specializations within programs, and create new programs for our future growth.  This affiliation will enhance Fielding Graduate University’s capacity to compete more successfully against better-resourced institutions.

3) expand the use of technology enabling Fielding to increase and diversify our means of reaching and better serving students.

4)  enhance the work environment for faculty to facilitate their continued development as educators and scholars and make Fielding more competitive in hiring new faculty and retaining existing faculty.

5)  take advantage of Fielding’s experience and knowledge about programs specifically designed for adult learners and mid-career professionals.