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Next year, 2019, will mark Fielding’s 45th anniversary as an institution of higher learning. We will commemorate this date with the publication of a monograph that celebrates the diversity and academic vibrancy of our scholar-practitioner community.

Members of this community — from students and staff to faculty and alumni — are warmly invited to submit an article for our Anniversary Monograph.

The purpose of this publication is to document the rich diversity of research, ideas, and accomplishments of our community, both in scholarship and practice, and to identify ways we can continue to grow as a community in the future.

We are particularly interested in articles that illustrate how your engagement with the university has transformed, or is transforming, your work as a student, scholar, practitioner, researcher, or administrator. This could include stories that show how your Fielding degree has enabled, or is enabling you to fulfill your career goals; how your research is serving as a change agent in your field of practice; or how your engagement with Fielding has inspired you to become a leader in forging a more just and sustainable world. Your suggestions and ideas for how the university could continue in its mission in the future are likewise most welcome.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Isbouts

Drs. Monique Snowden, Orlando Taylor, and President Katrina Rogers will serve as editors of this monograph. In addition, Fielding University Press editor Dr. Jean-Pierre Isbouts will provide editorial support, together with Starshine Roshell (for Fielding staff) and Hilary Molina (for Fielding alumni). If you would like to contribute an article, please send an email to Dr. Isbouts’ attention at and he will send you the Author Guidelines. Articles can be as short as 3 pages or as long as 8 pages, and are due November 30, 2018.

We look forward on collaborating with you on this exciting new monograph!



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