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Fielding has a massive presence at the American Psychological Association’s 2019 conference, which takes place in Chicago from August 8-11. From our booth and party to our awards, symposia and roundtable discussions, we hope you’ll swing by to meet and hear from Fielding School of Psychology students, alumni and faculty.


Fielding will have a booth at the conference August 8-10. Come visit Erica Fichter, director of Recruitment, at #215!


Jerri Lynn Hogg, PhD


  • Media Psychology Program Director Jerri Lynn Hogg will receive the Distinguished Professional Contributions to Media Psychology & Technology, 6 pm Aug. 9 at The Keith House, 1900 S. Prairie Ave.
  • Clinical Psychology faculty Daniel Holland will receive the 2019 APA Award for Distinguished Professional Contribution to Institutional Practice at 3 pm on Saturday, Aug. 10, McCormick Place/Room W181a Level 1–West Building.


Social Events

  • Fielding hosts a 45th Anniversary Gathering 7:30 – 9 pm Friday, Aug. 9, at Woven + Bound Restaurant, Marriott Marquis Chicago, 2121 South Prairie Ave. Join your Fielding colleagues to enjoy a time of socializing, making new connections and renewing friendships. SPACE IS LIMITED. Registration required by Aug. 2. 
  • Division 46, The Society for Media Psychology and Technology, hosts a social event 6-9 pm Aug. 9 at Keith House, 1900 S. Prairie Ave. All Media Psychology students, alumni, and prospective students are encouraged to attend.



  • Erinn Cameron

    June Wilson, Monica Robbins, and Jerri Lynn Hogg present Fake News and Misinformation–Why It Has Spread and Why It Matters, 9 am Aug. 8, McCormick Place, Room W192a.

  • Faculty member Kristine Jacquin and Clinical Psychology doctoral student Erinn Cameron present Global Systemic Violence and Human Rights Violations – Empowering Women, 11 am -12:50 pm Aug. 8, McCormick Place/Room W183b Level 1–West Building.
  • Angela Patterson, Lisa Swain, Adam Baldowski, and Jerri Lynn Hogg present Finding a New Religion-Exploring Social Media Alternatives for Religious Answers, 10 am Aug. 8, McCormick Place, Room W192c
  • Melody Stotler, Aunna Bollman, Aiden Hirshfield, Sheila Turner, Gabrielle Loehr, and Karen Dill-Shackleford present Media Representation of Stigmatized Communities-Past, Present, and Future, noon Aug. 8, McCormick Place, Room W475b

    Alum Aiden Hirshfield

  • Jerri Lynn Hogg and Mary Poffenroth present a Special PsychCareers Live Event, Landing Your First Academic Position, 1 pm Aug. 8, Expo Hall on PsychCareer Stage
  • Sarah Grimmer and Joan Read, Cannabis in Addiction Treatment: Rationale and Results, 2 pm Aug. 8, McCormick Place/Room W178a Level 1–West Building
  • Tatyana El-Kour, Dorothy Andrews, Sean Thoennes, and Jerri Lynn Hogg present Will Adopting AI Technologies Bring More Benefit or Create Chaos for Psychologists?, 9 am Aug. 10, McCormick Place, Room W180
  • Kimberly Rust, Jenny Nosker and Joan Read, Cannabis Through the Lifespan; A Molecule for All Seasons, 11 am Aug. 10, McCormick Place/Room W178a Level 1–West Building
  • Jerri Lynn Hogg presents Kids, Teens, and Screens: Maximizing Benefits, Minimizing Drawbacks, 9 am Aug. 11, McCormick Place, Room W176b


Skill-Building Sessions

  • Clinical Psychology faculty April Harris-Britt presents 3289 Collective, Cross-Generational Advocacy, 4 pm Aug. 10, McCormick Place/Room W175a Level 1–West Building
  • Clinical Psychology faculty Konjit Page presents This Rainbow Is Far from Enuf: Skills for QTPOC Navigating through White LGBT Spaces in Psychology, 9 am Aug. 11, McCormick Place, Room W186b, Level 1-West Building.


Konjit Page, PhD

Roundtable Discussions

  • Clinical Psychology faculty Konjit Page, I See You Sis: Obtaining and Promoting Visibility for Black Female Psychologists, 3 pm Aug. 8, McCormick Place/Room S105bc Level 1–South Building
  • Konjit Page,Working across Black and White: Navigating Interracial Professional Relationships, 9 am Aug. 9, McCormick Place/Room S105bc Level 1–South Building


Emerging Leaders Session

Media Psychology student Maria Sanchez, Giving Psychology Away: Using Media to Your Advantage, 1 pm Aug. 10, psycCareers Live. This session will focus on how psychologists can use various forms of media (talk radio, podcasts, blogging, traditional news outlets, etc.) to “give psychology away.” The use of media to share your expertise as well as promote your practice or career will be discussed. Useful tips will be provided, such as how to build your presence as an expert, ways to think
about your audience, creating a good story and soundbite, maintaining realistic expectations, and the importance of obtaining formal training



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