Fielding trustees are the keepers of the Fielding vision to be an innovative global community dedicated to educating scholars, leaders, and practitioners to transform the world. In practice, this means leading learner-centered graduate education that activates individuals to become agents of change. In addition, our trustees are passionate about promoting the use of research and scholarship to solve complex problems and advocating for bold thinking that transforms societies to be more just, humane, and sustainable.

Fielding’s board of trustees includes a diverse range of professionals from around the world, including scholars, researchers, and leaders from companies, government, and non-profit organizations. We also have students and faculty members who serve as trustees. Together we seek to be leaders in the fields of psychology and leadership studies, all with a commitment to promote social and ecological justice.

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Keith Earley, PhD

"While it's possible to quantify the value of a doctoral education, a Fielding doctorate is a statement that demonstrates a commitment to personal transformation and evolution. At the same time, it is a recognition that we have a desire and a duty to make our communities and our world a better place."

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