Text Messaging Wars: Apple Makes Android Green


Apple is a master of using symbols to create social identity. KEY POINTS Throughout its history, Apple has sold identity, not products Message color has become a social categorization tool used to define “in” vs. “out.” Biologically and psychologically, people instinctively want to be "in." The Apple blue versus Android green messaging war isn’t about color. It is about membership and identity. All powerful brands rely on symbolic meaning drawing on universal and cultural archetypes that reflect social values. Some rule through success (Mercedes) or celebrate the hard-fought victories of warriors and heroes (Nike). Apple is no different. They have [...]

Text Messaging Wars: Apple Makes Android Green2022-10-11T10:16:17-07:00

Why Do We Watch Shows About Work After Work?


Themes. emotions, and characters drive programming choice—not settings. KEY POINTS TV programs reflect deeper themes beyond the show's setting: Shows about work are really about relationships, power dynamics, and moral values. In times of disruption, TV shows can provide comfort, escapism, and reaffirm order. Connecting with TV characters can help people reflect on what they find meaningful in their own lives. Between ratings and Emmy awards, it seems like Americans are obsessed with shows about work. Just as many return to the office, new hit shows, such as Succession, Severance, Industry, The Bear, Inventing Anna, and The Dropout, are all about [...]

Why Do We Watch Shows About Work After Work?2022-09-13T14:08:03-07:00
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