How to Stop Trauma Dumping and Protect Your Mental Health


How to Stop Trauma Dumping and Protect Your Mental Health Are you a trauma dumper? Trauma dumping is a type of emotional dumping that, to quote the Urban Dictionary, results in “unloading all your emotional crap unmercifully onto one or more of your friends.” The practice has expanded from people you know to trauma dumping to total strangers. Trauma dumping can be hazardous to your friendships and mental health. Yes. The last months have been stressful and a lot of us have pent-up emotions that we’d like to air.  That’s no excuse for unloading negativity onto the unsuspecting. [...]

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What To Do When Your Friend Behaves Badly Online?


What To Do When Your Friend Behaves Badly Online? We see a lot of behaviors online.  Everybody has their own ideas about normal, but we sometimes see people we know posting online in ways that seem totally off.  It is troublesome when it's someone we know and care about. Do we look the other way or are we not being a good friend by ignoring it?  How do we distinguish between socially inappropriate and someone in mental distress? Mental distress is complex.  Behavior changes can be triggered by a range of things—many of which are situational and will pass, but [...]

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Gabby Petito: True-Crime Rubbernecking on Social Media


A true-crime case unleashes speculation and opportunism on TikTok. KEY POINTS When Influencer Gabby Petito disappeared, social media embraced the case, generating millions of views. Information takes on meaning of its own as it travels, attracting opportunists using hashtags as clickbait. There is real danger in true crime speculation that activates our survival instincts, but the appeal goes deeper than rubbernecking. The wealth of social media content on Petito generated empathy, identification, and parasocial connections, creating emotional investment. True crime is appealing.  Call it morbid curiosity, but we can't look away.  True crime speculation about the attractive young Influencer [...]

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Diálogos Virtuales


A Lecture-Discussion Series on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & the Global Dimensions of Education AN INDIGENOUS WORLDVIEW CAN PRESERVE OUR EXISTENCE: IMPLICATIONS FOR EDUCATION. Monday, October 4th • 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. PST This event is hosted by San Diego State University's College of Education Zoom Registration Four Arrows, professor at Fielding Graduate University Fielding Graduate University professor Four Arrows will discuss the importance of dehypnotizing worldview reflection and the use of the CAT-FAWN mnemonic for transformational learning that seeks complementary and/or re-balancing beliefs about humans, nature and spirit that come from a non-binary reflection on dominant and [...]

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Fielding, Artificial Intelligence and the Evolving Frontier of Social Justice


by Jason Ohler, Ph.D. Fielding Faculty, Media Psychology It has been an honor to work for an institution that values social justice so highly. History has consistently taught us that if we aren’t vigilant about social justice, a vacuum develops that can be filled all too easily by the forces of misogyny, ethnocentrism, and xenophobia. Recent history has also taught us that technology exacerbates the potential for this to happen. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is so powerful, and often so discrete, that it can be used to win elections, set social policy, or dupe us into believing something that is [...]

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